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Posted by: FORD ()
Date: June 17, 2001 03:45PM

Captain Can Man wrote:
> You are an interesting sort FORD. You should seriously take a
> crobar and try to pry open your mind. I have never seen
> anyone so narrow minded on this board except a guy named
> Trent from a long time ago.

I'm really not narrow minded. I have an extremely varied music collection. I can put Beethoven next to Black Flag in my CD changer and think nothing of it. I just prefer the true greats that stand the testoftime over the gimmicks, the posers and the one hit wonders.

>To think that there is a person
> somewhere out there that is convinced the world of guitar
> started with Eddie and ended with Randy is so sad.

And I never said that either.

>Here's a
> short list of incredible guitarists that apparently you
> missed during the 80's who carved out their own distinctive
> style while still managing to fit within the type of music
> that was going on at the time. I'm sure there are more, this
> is just off the top of my head. Keep in mind all the ones on
> this list were considered to be part of the "hair genre"
> except about 5 of them and I mentioned them because of your
> comment about Randy being the only guitarist "worthy" in that
> whole era. All of these guitarists had material "worthy"
> during the 80's.
> John Sykes

Granted, I never really heard much of the Blue Murder stuff. I''l say this in Sykes credit. He's the only reason I still have that damn cheesy ass Whitesnake CD. God knows I have no use for Coverdale.

> George Lynch
Oh Christ! Dokken might have been a bit more musical than most hair farmers, but in league with Eddie and Randy? I think not.

> John Norum
> Kee Marcello

Don't know these guys.

> Nuno Bettoncourt

Oh come on! Nuno will be the first to tell you he copied Eddie and Brian May.

> Steve Stevens

O.K. You got me here. I always thought Stevens was extremely underrated as a guitarist. That stuff he did with Idol was genius.

> Neal Schon (Journey - 80-85)
> Dann Huff

Huff's alright, but I prefer performing musicians to guys who live in the studio 24/7. Not that there's anything wrong with that. As for Neal Schon, his best work during the period you mentioned was not with Journey (after Bandwrecker Cain came in)but with Sammy Hagar on the HSAS album. It was better than anything either of them have done since. However, since Schon played at fucking Woodstock with Santana, I wouldn't exactlylump him in with 80's hair guitarists (actually his hair was much bigger in 1969)

> Chris DeGarmo

Queensryche sucks without him, I'll give you that much.

> Ronni LeTekro

> Rik Emmett

You must be Canadian. Did Triumph do anything in the 80's?

> Alex Lifeson

I always thought Alex was, comparitively speaking, the weakest of the 3 in Rush. Neil Peart, technically the best drummer alive. Geddy Lee, arguably the best bass player alive (though Sheehan and Entwhistle could challenge him) I'm actually surprised that Ray Danniels didn't try to pair Eddie up with Geddy and Neil instead of bringing in Cherone.

> Steve Howe

Uh, I thought this was about 80's guitarists? Is Yes a hair band now??

> Reb Beach

No Winger members for Christ's sake. That's not even funny.

> Vito Bratta

Eddie Clone thru and thru. I still have "Pride". Decent album. Beats what Van Hagar was doing at the time.

> Steve Vai
> Joe Satriani

Steve Vai was taught by Satriani and eventually filled in for Eddie in Dave's band and for Sykes in Cheesesnake,so I guess he could be an "all purpose clone" ?

In any event, Satriani was a solo instrumentalist aside from his brief stint with Mick Jagger's solo tour, so he's hardly in the hair band realm. Same with Vai, aside from his stint with Covercheese.

> Steve Morse

Though I've never heard a Dixie Dregs song, and purposely ignored the fake "Kansas" and fake "Deep Purple", I'm reasonably sure none of them qualify as hair bands... You are really getting off topic here.

> Eric Johnson

Another non hair solo instrumentalist. Actually I love "Ah Via Musicom". Where the Hell has he been lately anyway?

> Richie Sambora

Alright, Bon Jovi was more musical than most of their hair associates (and the only such band whose CD's I still own 2 of) but again not close to Eddie or Randy.

> While most of these guitarists did play alot of hammer on's
> like Eddie and Randy because that's was selling at the time,
> they also took the guitar in different directions and did
> some very unique things of their own. Listen to John Sykes
> guitar sound sometime. It was the best of the 80's in many
> peoples opinion. Check out "Midsummer's Daydream by Rik
> Emmett in 1984. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of
> guitar work ever. I personally do not like any instrumental
> piece by Eddie or Randy better than that one. Listen to the
> sound and style Steve Howe did in Asia. There was no other
> sound like it

His sound in Yes was much better. Asia was so cheesy it hardened my arteries just listening to it.

>. It was as unique as Brian May's sound, which
> is another one who was completely original that you overlooked.

Brian May was very original and very good. And Queen's first album came out in 1973, which means they weren't an 80's hair band by any stretch of the imagination.

> Joe Satriani??? Have you even listened to his material? Are
> you really going to sit there and say Joe wasn't original?
> Eric Johnson made a Fender Strat say things Stevie Ray Vaughn
> even took notice of.

Again, the topic (of YOUR choosing, I might add) is Hair Bands. Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson are solo instrumentalists. And yes, they are both damn good. In fact I'm about to put Surfing With The Alien in my stereo and piss off the neighbors.

>Vito Bratta was an incredible acoustic
> 12 string player as well as lead solo's. Sure he took from
> the great Eddie, just as Eddie took from the great Jimi
> Hendrix. But Vito mixed many of his own styles and unique
> arrangements also.

Eddie was probably influenced by Hendrix. And Clapton. And Keith Richards. But he sounds like none of them. That's the difference between him and Vito. Vito sounds like an Eddie Van Halen clone. A good one, but a clone none the less. He looked like one too. Maybe he should be on tour with Dave right now instead of Bart Walsh.

> Have you ever tried to play the opening riff to "Wanted Dead
> or Alive"? Did Richie steal that from Randy or Eddie??

Me, no. But then again, I'm a drummer. But I did laugh my ass off when I watched one of my ex room mates try to play it.

> could go on and on and on naming every original thing I loved
> about my list of guitarists but I just don't have the time to
> sit here all night.

Hey neither do I. Beer and pussy are calling.... but I couldn't let this go without a response.

> Just because these guitar players did some of the things that
> Eddie and Randy did does not mean that they did absolutely
> nothing original and innovative. There was alot more great
> music out there than Van Halen, Bad Company, and Randy
> Rhodes. You missed out horribly FORD!

You mentioned some great players.... But most of them were not IN HAIR BANDS. Some of them were around long before the 80's (i.e. Howe and May) So when I think of hair bands, Queen and Yes are not the names that come to mind.

> Rock and Roll is all about taking from the generation before
> and making your own play on it.
> Take DLR for instance, was he the first frontman to ever put
> his hand on his hip and point at the crowd? Maybe he was the
> first frontman to grow his hair out long or say the "F" word
> on stage. I don't think so! What DLR did was took from Mick
> Jagger, Roger Daltry, and Robert Plant, added some back
> flips, added a banshee mating call, did his best imitation of
> Frank Sinatra and called it a day!

Actually Dave was asked in 1978 if he stole his screams from Ian Gillan of Deep Purple. Dave's reply? "@!#$ no! I stole that scream from James Brown!"

>He put his own twist to
> things. That's exactly what the guitarists I named did also.
> They didn't have a "Randy Rhodes Big Note Guitar Book" in
> front of them when they played.

Dude, you read far too much into this.... I wasn't talking about Steve Howe, Steve Vai, BrianMayor Jimi fucking Hendrix. I was talking about pussies like Poison, Slaughter, Warrant, Quiet Riot(post Randy), etc. They are the wannabes

> As far as Randy being the only guitarist good enough to stand
> on the same stage with Eddie, well that just some kind of
> dream your having. ALL of the ones on my list can stand on
> the same stage with Eddie. I'd say Eddie would show them a
> thing or two and then Eddie would learn a thing or two. There
> is no human being that has done every imaginable chord
> combination, lead riff, finger-picking, ect...... on the
> guitar. Eddie would learn some new tricks from any guitarist
> I named. I hope you're getting all of this FORD. I really
> hope it's sinking in.

If you hadn't over reacted, and don't do so when you read this reply,you would see that I agree with about half your list. But that's because they did not fit my definition of hair band. Even Neal Schon, for all the wussy @!#$ he's done in the last 20 years, deserves a bit more respect than Poison or Slaughter.

As for guitarists deserving of going toe to toe with Eddie.... Some of them could. Hell, Satriani is amazing me even now (granted I'm a little buzzed) but I heard some definite tapping (Eddie style) in there. If Van Halen is going to be in limbo for a while, I'd love to see Ed on a G3 type tour with Satch & Johnson, or Vai, or whomever. Bring it on!

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