Re: since when is success...
Posted by: FORD ()
Date: June 12, 2001 02:31PM

sfk kurt wrote:
> I dont care who writes the song or sings it, as long as it's
> good. Hell, Heart didn't even write most of their songs from
> their 80s AOR heyday...does that mean they weren't worthy?

Depends on how you define "worthy". Heart made much better music in the 70's when they wrote it themselves (same as Aerosmith) Even Ann & Nancy themselves now regret the mid 80's corporate rock thing and say they were forced into it.

> Opinion I guess. Other than the title Me Wise Magic, I
> remember nothing about the song. I cannot even remember the
> title of the other one. Considering Van Halen was one of my
> favorite bands, that's sad.

Now you know how I feel about Sammy's Hallmark card Velveeta crap.....

> Last July they recorded, what, 3 tunes? All that in 2-3
> years! wow...what productivity! Fact is, nothing is a FACT
> until it happens. For all you know, they could dig up some
> unknown and create the greatest album ever.

And how would such an album be made? Warner Bros sunk millions into promoting VDIII and did not get a return on their investment. After that collossal failure, there is no way in hell they will be releasing an album with a 4th singer. And given the last 5 years of bullshit, no other major label is going to touch them without Dave either.

>I'm not sure what
> your love affair is with Dave, but FACT is, Van Halen went
> miserably downhill after Fair Warning. Diver Down and 1984
> sucked balls.

I'll admit Fair Warning was Van Halen's best album ever. After an album like that, anything was going to be a let down. Was the Rolling Stones "GoatsHead Soup" really a bad album,or was it just a letdown after the all time classic "Exile on Main Street"? As for 1984, It took me years to like "Jump" and I still can't stand "I'll Wait". That album is only good because the rest of the songs make up for those two.

> I feel are trying so hard to dismiss an entire
> genre of music and failing miserably. Why are you even
> hanging out here? The majority of people here happen to like
> this "cheese" stuff.

Out of every decade, there are a handful of bands/artists that stand the test of time. Look at the 60's for example. Whether these bands/artists break up (such as The Beatles) die (Hendrix/Morrison/Joplin/etc.) or continue on (like The Stones), their music contnues to be part of the current culture. Now on the other hand, who remembers Herman's Hermits, the Electric Prunes,or The Crazy World of Arthur Brown? Sure, they had their hits at the time,but they didn't contribute enough to the musical evolution or revolution to be considered legends.

Van Halen (original lineup) belongs in that first group. They are legends and still are played daily on rock radio stations. Bad Company also fits that category to a somewhat lesser degree, and if I was drunk enough you might even get me to include Styx during the "Pieces of Eight"/Grand Illusion/Paradise" era..

These lesser bands that use their names but share little else in common musically with them, they are the "Electric Prunes" of this era. You'll hear "Incense andPeppermints" on the radio before you'll hear anything from VD III or the last James "JY"Young /Tommy Shaw album. And maybe Neal Schon and Jonathan "bandwrecker" Cain found a singer who sounded exactly like Steve Perry, but it's not going to make them the kings of top 40 like they were in 1984.

In fact the only radio stations playing the cheese ballads these days are the same ones who play Air Supply, Michael Bolton, and Celine Dion. If you guys actually sit through all of that crap to hear your Journey and Foreigner ballads, then you have my sympathies.

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