Re: since when is success...
Posted by: sfk kurt ()
Date: June 12, 2001 05:32AM

FORD wrote:
> Ever hear of songwriting? Obviously the Backdoor Boys don't
> know the meaning of the word. Eddie Van Halen, without Dave
> or Sammy is only capable of writing a one minute guitar solo.
> He can't write songs for @!#$ without the right partner, and
> even Sammy let him get away with far too much crap. And if
> "the singer doesn't matter" then why did Van Hagar sound
> different from Van Halen? Why did the generic hair band "Bad
> Company" sound NOTHING like the real Bad Co? For that matter,
> why didn't "The Firm" sound like Led Zeppelin??

I dont care who writes the song or sings it, as long as it's good. Hell, Heart didn't even write most of their songs from their 80s AOR heyday...does that mean they weren't worthy?

> Crapola? They sure beat the hell out of anything Van Hagar
> did. And completely blow away ANYTHING Journey or Styx did
> with ANY singer.

Opinion I guess. Other than the title Me Wise Magic, I remember nothing about the song. I cannot even remember the title of the other one. Considering Van Halen was one of my favorite bands, that's sad.

> Eric Martin?? A guy who works with people like Billy Sheehan
> and Paul Gilbert and STILL makes cheese ballads?? No thanks.

They had hits with ballads. Their albums were full of rock. Guess you never really listened to them.

> were great, but they REALLY went lame after that. Besides,
> YOU are the one who suggested a new singer brings them back
> to life, not me.

I never suggested it...I'm just not opposed to it.

> It's a fact Dave has been recording with the band at some
> point within the last 2 years. It's also a fact that they
> cannot succeed with a 4th singer. So would I rather believe
> Van Halen will be back than believe they are dead forever? Yes.

Last July they recorded, what, 3 tunes? All that in 2-3 years! wow...what productivity! Fact is, nothing is a FACT until it happens. For all you know, they could dig up some unknown and create the greatest album ever. I'm not sure what your love affair is with Dave, but FACT is, Van Halen went miserably downhill after Fair Warning. Diver Down and 1984 sucked balls.

> Sure. Just last night in fact I was listening to the Bad
> Company compilation from a couple years ago. You know, the
> one by the REAL Bad Company ? Great stuff, and not a single
> generic cheese ballad to puke over.

I feel are trying so hard to dismiss an entire genre of music and failing miserably. Why are you even hanging out here? The majority of people here happen to like this "cheese" stuff.

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