Re: since when is success...
Posted by: FORD ()
Date: June 11, 2001 11:57AM

sfk kurt wrote:
> ...the measure of how good something is?
> Journey put out a stunningly good album. Who cares if it sold
> one copy or 10 million? Doesn't change how good it is. Ditto
> with any of the others mentioned.

Sorry Steve the Clone doesn't impress me. They're as much of a joke as Judas Priest hiring a sound-alike.

> The problem with some people is they are still clinging to
> the hopes that a washed up Vegas act will still get together
> with his old mates and put out an album that, for all intents
> and purposes, would probably just embarass the very legend of
> their name.
No, the embarrassment was that piece of @!#$ that was erroneously labeled "Van Halen" in 1998. A new album by the ACTUAL Van HALEN wouldn't embarrass the legend, because they ARE the legend.

> If Van Halen got a new singer tomorrow, I wouldn't care as
> long as the music was good...

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Once again, the sheep fail to realize that it requires chemistry to make the music. Van HALEN had chemistry. Van Hagar had a different chemistry, but one that worked none the less. Van Danniels had no chemistry and that's the main reason the album was a joke.

>there are still a lot of us that
> like the Van Hagar era just as much as the David Weave Roth
> era.

But Sammy has no interest in coming back. And even if he did, they haven't played Van Hagar on the radio in years. You can't make a comeback with cheese ballads in 2001. A 4th singer is impossible, especially after the colossal failure of VD III. It is quite literally Dave or the Grave for them now.

> Bands like Bad Co and Foreigner are touring right now with
> their original singers but I doubt many are all that
> interested in new product from them. Sometimes a new singer
> can be the cure to the blahs...

Can anybody remember anything Foreigner recorded with their second singer? I don't think I ever even heard it, or for that matter, remember the guy's name. As for the generic hair band incarnation of Bad Company, if I heard one of their songs on the radio tomorrow, I wouldn'tbe able to tellit apart from Slaughter, Firehouse, or a half a dozen other whiny transvestite bands. I never thought Lou Gramm's voice was all that great, especially live, but Paul Rodgers, even in his 50's still has one of the best singing voices in rock n roll history. I can't understand how trading that voice in on some generic dipshit who sounds like all the other generic dipshits could possibly amount to "the cure to the blahs".

Or is this some reverse psychology cure where you blah yourself to the point of numbness till you can't feel blah anymore?

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