Re: That's my point ...
Posted by: FORD ()
Date: June 11, 2001 01:59AM

Some of the crap I'm reading here is unbelievable.

First of all, to address the topic, Freddie Mercury IS Queen. The remaining members are extremely talented musicians, but they are not Queen, and this Robbie Williams thing is arguably more embarrassing than what AeroSHIT pulled at the Super Bowl. So-called actual rock bands MUST STOP legitimizing this latest wave of bubblegum bullshit or it will NEVER go away. Has anyone noticed that N'Suck, The Backside Boys, Robbie Williams,etc. have already nearly doubled the life expectancy of any of their predeccesors(NKOTB, Shaun Cassidy, etc)?? It's because this time around, the media and the industry are supporting it and even pushing it as "actual music", as opposed to a stupid fad suitable for 13 year old girls. This must stop now.

Bad Company without Paul Rodgers was nothing but another generic hair band. Yeah, I know a lot of people like hair bands over here, but I prefer bands that are original and not trying to do the same @!#$ as everyone else.

Van Hagar, while commercially successful, was a VERY different band from the original Van HALEN. The idea that it was a seamless move from Dave to Sammy is a myth. Van Hagar was more about cheese ballads and Top40 acceptance than being a timeless legendary hard rock band as Van HALEN was and is. (and hopefully will be again, once Eddie gets his @!#$ together)

Calling Styx and Journey "successful" at this point is laughable. Few outside of this site realize that either of them still exist (if one original member can be called still existing, in the case of Styx)

There is a common thread here.... all of the above bands seem to have forgotten what it was that made them successful to begin with. It was the originality of the sound,and the chemistry of those involved. Freddie Mercury, David Lee Roth, Paul Rodgers, hell even Dennis De Young and Steve Perry for that matter.... These are instantly recognizable voices that even a casual music listener can pick out of a crowd. Brian Howe?? I think not. Robbie Williams?? Yeah,maybe if you're still in a training bra.

@!#$ this bullshit. It's time somebody saved rock n roll. And I ain't talking about a bunch of aging transvestites from the 80's........

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