Why do people want Queen "back"???
Posted by: Misterpomp ()
Date: June 09, 2001 05:02AM

I'm not the world's #1 Queen fan, I'm not even the world's #1 queen despite what they say. But forgive me if I'm wrong / causing offence but a band that consisted of Taylor / May plus a.n.otherfrontman (I'm not even going to mention the other Ken) would have been how special? A little ? Close to? Occasionally ? What made Queen good to the extent they were (ie before 1980) was Freddy Mercury's uniqueness. Like him or loathe him - he did something different. Yes - there are good songs written by May on those early albums but if they were the highlights would we be discussing them now?
So - what do people want? Do they love Taylor / May so much they just want to see them play? Fair enough but why does it have to be "Queen"? Do they love those old Queen songs so much? Fair enough but then there are oodles of tribute bands who will probably replicate Queen circa. "Live Killers" better than any new lineup might do. Do they want to hear classic Queen-esque tracks. Recruit Adam / Robby V or (sorry Koogs to disagree) better still Valensia? Oh yes so that May and Taylor can watch all the roylaties from the new album / gravy train go to the Paskowitz / Valentine / Clarkson bank account as appropriate? Cos if you want the stuff that reminds you of Queen (although to think that's all they can do is to unfairly denigrate all 3 of those talents above) it won't be written by the old members .... and to be honest would any of those three artists get anything artistically from such a union other than the massive budget that might finally allow them to produce the work their talents are capable of?
At the end of the day if Queen was what did it for you more than anything else then, sadly, it's gone. I don't see what possible permutation of those discussed leaves anything but a tribute band on tour or a probably artistically disastrous recording comeback.

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Why do people want Queen "back"???133 Misterpomp 06/09/2001 05:02AM
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