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Date: June 08, 2001 01:45AM

>>RC, I will never stop whining about this subject until Dennis is back in the band. I know that you know Tommy personally or something. You have made us all aware that you are an "insider" of sorts. I think that's great for you, but it also makes you biased. <<

I never claimed to, nor do I, know Tommy Shaw personnally. I don't know where you got that impression. I certainly never said it. Any info. I have ever gotten has been mostly from the Official Styx Web Site directly, where Tommy Shaw frequently writes about their experiences while on tour, memories, etc. There are also numerous bulletin boards (one of which is on the Styx Web Site) that I read. There is also an AOL chat room and bulletin board that Tommy Shaw and Glen Burtnik (and sometimes even their Road Manager, Keith Marks) frequent. Put all of this together with a few friends who *do* have direct contact with band members and the many other various forms of media available, and you can have a pretty good picture of what they are up to, what is going on, etc. With all that available to me, I feel that I am aptly equipped to make my own judgement call. I'd say that is far from biased; merely informed.

Also remember, I've always stated that I've been a very big fan of their's for over 20 years -- which was *before* the personnel changes. I'd say that I'm biased only as far as the music is concerned. I do miss Dennis, but I also understand that there comes a time when a relationship must end or else it will detroy whatever may remain of the whole. In this case, Styx. Had they just called it quits, I (and thousands of others) would not have had the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I have in the last few years. My first Styx concert was in 1996, so I have much to catch up on.

>>James Young sucks as a musician and shouldn't even get to play with the likes of Tommy Shaw and Glen Burtnik, Gowen (although a great musician) is just utilizing himself as a Karaoke singer right now and Tommy is not being true to the fans by keeping Dennis out of the band.<<

Although, on the surface, JY may not be considered as talented as TS or GB, he has certainly been a driving force in the band's entire career. Unbeknownst to many, his forte has been on the business end of Styx. In past "Notes from the Band" written by TS, he has repeatly commended JY for his business sense, uncanny ability to get things done, and his attention to detail. So, even though you do not see him as an important part of the group, he most certainly is. He is also considered a close friend by TS and Glen Burtnik, and anyone I have ever spoken to (which may not mean much to many) has nothing but respect for the man.

Also, the decision to replace Dennis was a group decision involving 3 original members (TS, JY, *and* Chuck Panozzo) and one newly added *permanent* member, Todd Suchermann. I'd say that is far from one man's sole decision. I don't believe that Tommy deserves to receive all the credit that he has for the majority's decision. Everyone else has been quite clear about wanting to continue to work (as shown on VH1's "Behind the Music"). Should they have just "quit" their jobs because of one person?

I will be among the first to support someone's right to their opinion as long as the individual takes the time to obtain the facts first. And I do understand how frustrating it is for a fan to loose the talent of an artist, however, in our world there is probably no amount of whining that will change how things are. I'm sorry if my choice to remain supportive of the band seems like I am dissing Dennis. I'm really not. I'm merely just trying to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

I enjoy the addition of Lawrence Gowan because he does add his own special flair. As for tthe term "karaoke singer," I guess anyone who attempts to sing another artist's songs could fit that bill, huh? The only difference is that those singers are getting paid to perform these songs for the paying public who *expect* to hear them. How can you fault someone for doing the job they are expected to do?


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