Re: Tin-pot...of course you would know!!
Posted by: Misterpomp ()
Date: May 27, 2001 09:01PM

> Tin pot??? know absolutly nothing about how Z is run, you have absolutly >no idea how much money is ploughed into the label and how much hard work >goes into the day to day running of it.

Tony, you're right - I have no idea about any of those things other than the fact that I would have assumed it is a hell of a lot of hard work for precious little reward.

>You agree with statement which is stupid and uncalled for, by an obviously >ignorant person who has less clue than you!!

I only agree to the extent that it seems to me that Z Records is "small time" and therefore "tin pot" was not unreasonable comment. Carl seemed to think that phrase carried some nuances that I didn't. That's all. It's not pejorative, I just thought it was true. It is a niche player in a smallish market. Doesn't mean it doesn't have quality, potential, hard work, success in its chosen field.....

>Two mistakes in over forty albums in three years isn't bad!! and those mistakes >were made by an outside source.

If you say so, I'm not aware of the quality of the stuff.

> You spout bollocks about people supporting this genre and when someone mentions a problem with a label that holds no interest for you, you jump in on the side of the first person who gives it stick!!!

Actually, I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone round here who is less supportive to "the genre". I support music I enjoy but feel no compulsion to promote or support artists in the same genre who I don't enjoy, nor do I feel any deep kinship to the genre, bands or other people who enjoy it.

> And before you ask "how do you know" I have known the guy whos runs that label for twelve years. I have watched it grow from nothing into one of europes biggest independant hardrock labels.

You've just inadvertently agreed with me. You have defined the size of Z's success :

"The biggest corporation in the world?"
"No, a music label."
"OK, the biggest music label in the world?"
"Not exactly, only hard rock"
"OK, the biggest hard rock music label in the world?"
"Well ....of the independent ones..."
"OK, the biggest indepedent hard rock music label in the world?"
"Well in Europe anyway"
"OK, the biggest European independent hard rock music label?"
"Well, one of them ..."

Showing nothing but that they operate in a tightly defined niche. That's not a put down - just my view of the facts.

> You should pull aside the blinkers of pomposity and learn to appreciate others in this world.
> Have a nice day.
> T

It really wasn't meant to be supportive of the original thread, I didn't get involved in that .. in fact I said I had no idea why the artwork was (reputedly) substandard, my post was more a question of semantics than anything else. You have a good one too!

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