Very well said (np)
Posted by: The Other Joe ()
Date: May 23, 2001 09:38AM

Misterpomp wrote:
> The problem, Jack, is that you can only just see the enormous
> mote in Skagarak's eye for the one you've got.
> You accuse him of wanting a reissue press and that that's his
> judge of a label's merit. So? That's the whole premise of
> his thread. You then tear that whole thread to pieces
> because your slant is to new releases. So what have we ended
> up with, one poster who wants reissues and one who wants new
> stuff. Wow, we never knew there was two sides to that
> argument. Thankyou Jack for leading us to the path of
> knowledge. You then say the reissue route does not advance
> "the scene". Well, nor does formulaic and repetitive rehash
> of some golden age of the 80s which never existed. The AOR
> world, yes even that sparsely inhabited domain, will not
> IMeversofuckinHO be a more worthy or interesting place for
> Giant, Hardline or Stan Bush product. You obviously feel it
> will - enjoy! I've now been sitting here for 3 or 4 years as
> people opine that it's coming round again / could just be big
> if only Journey get back together / whatever... I'll
> doubtless be here in another 4 or 40 seeing the same .. it's
> not going to happen - enjoy the "scene" for what it is and
> what it does for you. I don't have any vested interest in
> seeing the AOR scene dead and there is still some genuinely
> good music coming out in what I'd term "affiliated" genres
> that have some commonality with AOR. You however seem only
> to be disagreeing about what era should be resurrected. A
> new Giant CD will by and large sound like an old Giant CD
> (well actually it won't - it'll sound mostly like demos and
> live stuff thrown together by some rather sensible musicians
> who quite rightly don't believe there's much market for it
> outside an extremely small niche but who are prepared to test
> the market / humour the very keen and persistent people who
> tell them there is). Ditto Hardline, Harem Scarem and even
> Heaven forfend another dreadful Stan Bush album.
> Most of your argument is rant and opinion dressed up as
> fact. For example;
> > Most of these reissues sound dated as hell, demoish, and
> were never even
> > successful to begin with.
> Well, "dated" as a statement of the recording technology,
> approaches to songwriting and influences - yes but you mean
> dated in a pejorative "didn't have that Neil Kernon
> production" way and I'm sorry that's simply your opinion -
> not a fact. Demoish. No, sorry, while the technology for
> the 1970s releases may now appear a bit antiquated, the
> budgets were not. You take a major label budget (any major
> label budget) from '79 and give it to one of the AOR bands
> now. Don't even allow for inflation. They wouldn't even
> know what to do with the money. They might even get some air
> fares and meet up while doing their album. As for never
> successful. We've been through this before but, for example,
> MPG's debut sold approx 50,000. Do you want to put up most
> of today's AOR bands' sales against that? Doesn't matter how
> you cut it or argue it away with waffle about changing times,
> that's still a hell of a lot more people who let that album
> into their homes than most of today's CDs can hope for. And
> that MPG album is how "important" in the context of its
> time. Not very.
> We all have an opinion here and though I'm happy to admit I
> sit more in Skagarak's camp than yours, some of what you say
> is valid. If you, unlike me, do believe there is a
> renaissance around the corner, you'd better hope it's not all
> reissues, but for the record Zoom Club is a significantly
> better label (IMHO) than MTM could hope to be.
> Problem is Jack that in trying to tear the arguments to
> pieces you forgot to look at whether your counter-arguments
> were any more convincing. They weren't.

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