Re: Give me a break!
Posted by: Phil 1 ()
Date: May 23, 2001 09:33AM


I'm afraid I have to agree with the other 'oldies' on the board in this case.
As you stated on the other board, you got into AOR/Melodic rock in the mid 90's so you basically grew up with the CD as the music medium of your generation. Big commercial rock with suitably bombastic production seems to be your thing as well, and the likes of Def Leppard and Bryan Adams really can't be topped in terms of sound or style as far as you're concerned. That's fine with me, and I'm sure it's fine with Skagarak too.

Consider that you'd been born 15 years earlier and all your influential albums had been LP's that you played on inexpensive music systems. High end turntable based systems were way out of most peoples price range at the time, so the thought of a crackle-free convenient CD of your favourite albums would be a God-send to you, just like they are to me and many others. I take it that some years down the road when the next technological advancement comes along, you won't be buying a copy of Hysteria that sounds far better than your well-worn CD?

Re-issues aren't taking anything away from 'the scene', nor are they a 'cheap option'. Putting a new band in a studio to make an album is way less of a risk than licensing an old album from a major label, and if you looked into the procedure and the pitfalls of it you just wouldn't believe it. This is the main reason why Now & Then have done much more Now than Then

Of course the standard of re-issues is a completely different kettle of fish. The Song Haus/Rewind ones are exceptional and still sound great years after, while some are thrown together from copies of Lp's and cassette tapes, and in some cases without the permission of the original label. This is where people's money IS being wasted.

You also say that most re-issues sound dated. Of couse they do, they're bound to, but I would argue that most of the newly recorded stuff coming out in this genre sounds dated as well. New bands are copying old bands and so are trying to recreate the original 70's/80's sound. I buy most of the new releases that come out but my 14 year old son can't see much of a difference between Aviary and Steelhouse Lane in terms of age, it all sounds like 'old stuff' to him. The 'newness' of most current releases is yet another issue, and the 'new' Giant album definitely won't be the oldest new album released this year, some labels are just more honest than others.

The scene is so small at the moment that if there were no re-issues coming out it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to the amount of new albums by new artists that are released, or their sales. It's the unoriginality of the new bands that is the greatest threat to the continuation of our little tide-pool.

AOR isn't coming back. There have been signs of a bit of growth but why don't we just get on with listening to what we want to. Another AOR fan's opinion shouldn't mean any more to you than the average Rap fan's, and if Skagarak want's to spend all his money on re-issues, then that's his business. Where do you think any money made from re-issues like Prophet will go? How about towards the recording costs of the new Prophet album or other new bands on the same label.

Sorry Jack, your posts are usually informative, funny and intellectual, but I think you were over-harsh on Skagarak this time. It's only an opinion and he's entitled to it.

Take care,

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