Give me a break!
Posted by: Jack ()
Date: May 22, 2001 03:46PM

People, please.....there is a difference between being entitled to your opinion and being a Moron With an Opinion. The fact that someone expresses his opinion in a very forthright manner does not protect or exclude him from being stupid.

You don't want a label, boy, you want a reissue press. The yardstick you use to judge labels is the number of reissues they have slapped together and belched out into the AOR market. You're a clever one, aren't you? There is a very marked difference between a label that signs bands and struggles to get it right with new product and some small scale two-bit label that pumps out half-forgotten releases because it's the quick-buck route. They may love the genre too, but it's still the cheap route. Yes, reissues are pleasant enough - it's always ncie to have old material readily available on CD. Okay, cool. But there is very little, if any, merit in spurting out reissues. What does anyone gain? Besides the aforementioned coolness factor of having something on CD, there's no point. It doesn't advance the scene at all.

Having nothing better to do, I've assembled some snippets from your post - enjoy:

1) Z gets top marks for reissuing the whole Prophet catalog!
2) Now and Then could redeem themselves if they honoured the "Then" part of their name, and worked on reissuing stuff....

3) Rewind/Song Haus-these guys are no. 1#, their reissues are great.

4) Escape-speaking of Escape, these guys are the BEST in reissuing eighties forgotten AOR and Melodic rock. In that sense, they are true fans of the genre, and that contributes to true work.

5) Zoom Club-Zoom Club has the best choices for reissues,

6) Axe Killer-Now these guys are KILLERS!!! IF they could handle ALL the reissues.....

7) Rennaisance Records-They sort of slowed down in recent time, but they were responsible for some cool reissues.

Okay, do you see a pattern here??? Mmmmm?

"So what?", I hear you saying, "I prefer listening to reissues from albums that are 2 decades old instead of newer stuff, that's my prerrogative". It may be, but you can';t say a label sucks or doesn't suck based on what it REISSUES!! That's just fuckin insane. There's no true work behind it. It's fun to reissue stuff but at the end of the day it's just a quick buck thing for AOR die hards.

But this is where the argument falls apart:

> Overall, I think all labels should lay off the "dusted off", "long lost", "forgotten" demo tape bounty hunting. That's really cheapening the whole scene.

There isn't much difference between dusting off forgotten demos and spewing more reissues than you can shake a stick at. Most of these reissues sound dated as hell, demoish, and were never even successful to begin with. You can print a million reissues, how does it advamce the scene the slightest bit or make the outlook just a tad brighter?

So reissues are, to put it in your words, "cheapening thew whole scene"....because theyre nothing new or innovative or even mildly fresh, it's old stuff that didn't make an impact then, won't make an impact now. Like I said, having a few reissues is nice, but where does it lead you? Doesn't it strike you as being boring, dull, uncreative, and unexciting? People on here debate endlessly on whether the scene is poised - or will ever - make a comeback. Let me tell you, boy, the day the AOR labels are pressing more reissues than original releases is the day the answer will be known for sure. Letting the reissue ratio get out of hand and outnumber fresh material is like signing AOR's death warrant. It means there's nothing new or exciting over the horizon, so there's nothing better than looking back. Ugh. I'd rather be listening to Nu-breed, Britney Spear, whatever.

Die hards may slobber as they place them in their collections, but it makes the scene look that much more stale. I'm all for reissues, you want to dust off a release that has been deleted for 20 years - hey, great. But don't act as if that's the center of the AOR scene, as if reissues are what make or break a label, as if labels are great depending on how many reissues they repackage. Look at what you wrote for crying out loud! Is there anyone here who would prefer Now & Then to be racking their brains trying to resurrect some dated pomp crap from 1979 instead of working on the new Harem Scarem, Stan Bush, Giant, Hardline....??? If N&T suddenly announced it was going down Reissue Road, their image would be cheapened enormously. And yet you rag on them because they don't do it? And c'mon....anyone who rates Zoom Club (??) over MTM is just......I mean, goddamn, I rest my case. All the labels have their weaknesses and have released some crap, they could always be attacked through these chinks in the armor....and yet you judge the labels by a surprisingly idiotic standard and come out of it reeking of feces (which I can picture swirling around in your head like mash potatoes).

To wrap it up: yes, you have an opinion. But that still makes you a moron.


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