Your.Mine.our opinions on labels!
Posted by: Skagarak ()
Date: May 22, 2001 08:54AM

I would like to know what you think of the labels currently doing business
in the melodic rock world. This is just one opinion.

MTM--they sign some boring stuff that just is not worthy of
signing. Weak, generic material from many of their bands that don't stick out, and some of it sounds like third rate eighties soundtrack pop music set to teen comedies. Think insipid soundtrack background rock music to an eighties movie like "Hardbodies", "Teen Wolf" or something that a younger Nicholas Cage was in or a Charlie Sheen teen movie. Some of their stuff is bordering on criminally light weight guitar...guitar that is way too far down in the mix, but perhaps that's what they want. Plus, they use some of the most awful looking artwork. Overall, they need to work on improving the standard of their signings. They
just released Brian McDonald and Jorn, so things are looking up at MTM. They
have too many bands that sound like Survivor i think! :-)

Z Records-This label has improved leaps and bounds over any other euro
label. They started off with alot of hard metal, unmelodic sounding bands, and not much on the melodic side, if ya ask me, and now they have very classy
sounding bands and albums. Z gets top marks for reissuing the
whole Prophet catalog! Sometimes, they release bombs like the
Scudiero album. If Z can keep up or improve upon their recent work, then
they'll be one of the best. I wonder what happened to their announcement
that they would start selling obscure cd's on their site, like Push's
"Maximum Entertainment"

Frontiers/Now and Then- Frontiers is great because they managed to get Stuart Smith, Pangea, and many other great artists on one label,
and aren't even based in Japan. They have a heavier sounding stable than MTM,
which is a positive. Wimpy fag mix guitar playing, bordering
on boring pop mixes without any heavy bones is just as boring as "extreme metal" bands like Mudvayne or Disturbed. Now and Then aren't as striking as Frontiers, even though I think 80% of their albums are the same.
Now and Then could redeem themselves if they honoured the "Then" part of
their name, and worked on reissuing stuff like older Dare, Heavy Pettin',Praying Mantis, and other UK hard rock albums! :-)

Rewind/Song Haus-these guys are no. 1#, their reissues are great, and top of the
line quality-you can't go wrong in buying their albums if they put out a band
that you like. The packaging, the remastering, everything is major label
quality. Now if they put out as much quantity as MTM does with their quantity
crap, Rewind/Song Haus would be da bomb, beyatch! :-)

Escape-speaking of Escape, these guys are the BEST in reissuing eighties
forgotten AOR and Melodic rock. In that sense, they are true fans of the
genre, and that contributes to true work.
Escape has done-Message, Aviator,
Franke and the Knockouts, etc! That alone is classy, but on the other hand
some of their newer stuff is boring...just the kinds of obscure bands that really shouldn't be released because of the tedious and tiresome nature of the
songwriting. So Escape gets 100 for their reissues and maybe 60 for
the obscure bands sign.

Zoom Club-Zoom Club has the best choices for reissues, but the quality of
said product belongs in the shitter for some of them. It looks like bootlegged
material-- I have several cd's from Zoom club that makes me wonder if they
have gotten legit rights to the originals because of the quality of their appearance.

Axe Killer-Now these guys are KILLERS!!! IF they could handle ALL the reissues
that melodic metal and AOR fans want, I would be a very happy man.
They put out major label/Japan quality reissues. Not dodgy like Zoom Clubs
stuff. Top notch, although instead of doing so much two on ones, a original
version of the album would be better.
Axe Killer should work on the following eighties vein stuff that would suit
their line up-
Airrace-Shaft of Light (we need a real CD,not a bootleg)
Mama's Boys!!

Metalmayhemmusic-The Keel Right to Rock reissue was pretty good.
I wonder if the guy who does Metal Mayhem work out of his bedroom?
If that's the case, then more power to him.

Alfa Brunette-Japanese label that printed up some great music. More
euro labels should do what they did.

Spitfire-These guys are shaping up to be a nightmare 800 lb gorilla outfit!
A US label to put out as much great old school metal who would've thunk
it in 2001!
Snortin' Whiskey, Drinkin' Cocaine!

Rennaisance Records-They sort of slowed down in recent time, but
they were responsible for some cool reissues.

AOR Heaven-Gives you what you would expect from a small company.
At least Georg Segal is trying though. That's more than you will get
from the major labels, regarding melodic rock. AOR heaven does grearg
work for a little company

Kivel Records-Okay bands, but in this time of release overkill, perhaps their bands will not really stand out. When you probably have about 50 or 60 melodic
hard rock and metal bands of the same genre/sound being released each and
every month by the combined labels, year end year out, most bands WILL be forgotten. Kivel is a small label, so I feel their bands will tend to be forgotten, but not for a lack of trying.

Portrait Records-good concept during a wrong time, bad execution overall.

Overall, I think all labels should lay off the "dusted off", "long lost",
"forgotten" demo tape bounty hunting. That's really cheapening the whole

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