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Posted by: Bladesian ()
Date: May 19, 2001 11:29PM

Yes, as reported when you hear Alice Cooper's "School's Out", get to your seat (not in your seat, of course, just to your seat) so you don't miss anything.

At the beginning there's fog, and then the letters S T Y X rise up behind the drums. And it's very reminiscent of the Styx Greatest Hits CD cover. Then those fall back down and the members of Styx are standing on a raised thing that's across the stage behind the drum. Gowan with an accoustic guitar. Then Todd climbs down to his drums, and as they start playing, they make there way down to the main level of the stage. Gowans hands off his guitar to someone and starts playing his keyboard.

They also had these, I guess they are cloth (silk-like) tubes that they blow air through, also behind the stage, for a few songs they had those going, and they used lights for color effects. Basically, tall collumns that kind of wave -- hard to describe. I guess you'll just have to go to the show and see. But it's cool.

There's a cool backdrop they use on some of the songs. It's got a planet, possible earth, in the distance, and sometimes (depending how they light it) it shows a stage in the forground. (Actually, you could see the stage all the time, but sometimes more prominently, and other times just barely).

At one point they had confetti fall from the sky. It was cool. It worked a little better in St. Louis than Kansas City. Kansas City doesn't have a roof, so they let them go from the front of the stage (above the stage), and with the direction of the wind most of them wond up on stage rather than falling on the fans. They did have more also that they let loose farther back, I guess from where the lights are, I noticed when I briefly looked back.

And then there's Glen with his headset mike singing from the middle of the audience when he does "Love Is The Ritual"! Kinda cool. Front folks, bring your binoculars for that one. :-)

There was also one of those disco/mirror balls that turn and make those dots of light than go in circles. They didn't use that in Kansas City since there was no roof to hang in from.

And at the end of the show they had a Styx logo in the back.

And I think that covers it. Well, there's also the band running around -- they sure have a lot of energy! I think that's why they can do stuff like that, dramatic stage stuff, and it doesn't take over.

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