RE: Mr. Danzi's opus?
Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: June 04, 2000 05:02PM


Damn dude it's been a while! Screw my album, how the hell you dooin? LOL! I think it's been like 6 months since I talked to you last! Hey, you never told me you're on Prodigy too? Ok, enough I know what you want to hear. Let me see.....

I'm actually between rock and a hard place with this new album man. I almost want to have a vote for those interested in me so I can see where to take this. I'll give you the scoop, and maybe you can give me some food for thought, ok?

I'm done with being the "gadget" as Evil Alger calls me. Meaning, I'm not going to do the record on my own, and I will not be recording it here in DanziLand either. I just spent my whole life savings on a new studio facility, but I don't see me learning all about the new stuff in time for this record, and I'm due for a new one. So maybe the next one will be done here. After I made that decision, I opened up my little black book with every musician I knew around here, and made a few calls. I put together a killer band on February 3rd, and feel confident enough to let them play and write with me on this album.

My goal is to write 25 or more songs and choose the best ones that sound like they belong on the same album. I also don't want to shock the fan base I have already with us attempting to "redefine the face of music." So this is where my problems are. Do I do another album with the song quality of SLIT with better production of course, or do I try to show a new direction? So far, I think it's safe to put out the songs like I did on SLIT with better production and throw in a few new sounding things to get feedback. This way we'll know in an instant if the new direction will help us or hurt us. As a matter of fact, I will be releasing a song in full blown MP3 that will not be on the album, and will only be available from my site at It will be something that the whole band wrote, and it will give something to the fans for free and help us to choose our destiny a bit.

As Karen said in her post, the new song "Eternity" which is available here in full blown MP3, is one of the directions I wish to go in. It's almost a Journey meets Tonic feel with late 90's production, but our melodic rock feel. I'm all for versatility, but I don't want to be like "Extreme." I love that band, but it seems they never decided on a direction. Bands that change drastically usually don't have any longevity in this biz, and I don't want that to happen. I used a cool scenario in an interview I just did. Van Halen is a great example of longevity. Their first 5 albums had the same vibe and recording production to these ears. Diver Down, my least favorite (though there are a few cool tunes on it) showed the band was ready for a change and 1984 delivered the goods. Real boards were used (other than the way Eddie used them for the previously released albums for sound effects) the songwriting was and sound was maturing, and the transformation went very well.

So I think you have to give the people what they want.....that is the reason you were successful, you know? They expect to hear a certain sound from me, and they deserve to hear it for a few albums, or at least until you get some incredible notoriety. But hell, if it works, you stick with it. What my fans have told me in the past has helped me make decisions for what I do today. Yeah the music is for me as well, but they are the ones I do it for too! So majority will always rule to an extent.

I don't think the new stuff we've done as a band is going to hurt us, but it IS very different. More groove oriented because I have a drummer that thinks like a drummer and a bassist that does the same. Same thing with the other guitarist and the keyboard player. I can't think like them, you know? I did what I did on SLIT alone because there wasn't anyone else to contribute on a serious and professional level. All that has changed now, and I'm really excited.

The new stuff can be considered Whitesnakish or Led Zepplinish....meaning a bit more musically stimulating than my prior work. This stuff will take you on a nice little journey and still give you a hook big enough to catch a fish with. We've even worked on a few Dream Theater like things to showcase our musical abilities as a band, but we don't want to lose the listener as they sometimes do. So that's pretty much where I stand right now Jack. Yeah the songs are there, yeah the hooks are too, and the cool guitar solo's and added extra's will be there as well as some 5 part harmony like a barbershop can these guys sing!

I still can't seem to find "Eternity" on Andrew's site here, and if you are having the same problem, go to my site and check out a Real Audio clip of it. I think you'll like the tune....I know I sure do, but then again I may be biased! ;-) Talk to you soon Jack, keep in touch!!!!


Danny Danzi

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