RE: My thoughts on Napster...
Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: June 07, 2000 07:13PM


Awesome post man! I won't ramble here (yeah right...I just read what I wrote, so pull up a chair and a six-pack!) because you and the others covered this quite well. But I figured I'd give you my outlook, and this isn't just directed at it ain't harsh know me better than that. ;-)

Being a rather slightly satisfied newcomer to the scene here as an artist, I see Napster in it's current state like a gun. Illegal if used improperly. A gun will kill if you make it kill, but there are laws and safety issues. The same should be done with Napster I think. Rules and regualtions that protect a current full album from being posted. I for one would even make a deal that I would submit 2 songs to Napster with my consent. One that would not be on any album I put out (just for possible new fans and Napster users) and one from a forthcoming album to give a sample of my work. I have no problems with that whatsoever, it's the full album thing I disagree with.

Lil guys like me are just trying to be established in an underground scene. How can we survive? I'll be honest here. I've never used Napster illegally, (I have it, but it ain't installed) but if you told me the new Van Halen album was on it, I'd grab it in a heartbeat. Why? The point I'm trying to make here is what goes on behind closed doors is nobody's business, and I think this is what will happen to everyone that loses an album on here. No I wouldn't admit if I even stole the Vh or not. Will my fans really go buy my album if they can get it for free? I gave out 1000 cd's of my album in pre-production form....6 songs....and everyone I gave it to I made a deal with. "I'll give you this for nothing, but please help support me when the real one comes out?" I know allot who didn't. They admitted they didn't, and there are probably more that didn't and said they did. So why buy when you can get it for free? How does lil Danny have a chance especially in a scene that is tough to satisfy anyway?

And on the contrary dear Jack, I've seen my album on it already, and "Eternity" as well after 2 days of release!!!! Am I offended or pissed? Yes and no. Yes because my album is on it, and no because it's cool that I'm thought of as "decent enough" to be up there already. This thing could help us, but I see it as nothing but hurt for guys like me just starting out and trying to make something of themselves. You see, this program will earn more and more followers, and as long as it's in the headlines everyday, this number will multiply greatly on a daily basis. Most people are fed up with the price of CD's as it is. I too am pissed about how much they charge for them. Yeah artwork, production, pictures and lyrics......on a plastic thing I get from my retailer for under a buck a piece. Ok, my really good media discs are like $4.00 a piece. Still......why pay $16 when it's under your nose for free? Is it the labels making this high price thing, or is it the stores?

Why is it you can buy my Cd from cheaper than anywhere else in the US? They are in the US correct? Why is and $20-30? So you see, everyone blames the labels right away. I think the stores are the greedy ones myself. Just like the US government makes us want to rob and steal because we work our whole lives and get the shaft. My Grandfather did his duty for the US in the service and worked his whole life into oblivion. He went to get his social security check for the first time and was pushed to the side while an immigrant was instantly paid. My point? He had the right to rip someones head off! But that would have been illegal. These CD prices keep going up, it forces people to get upset and go illegal. But free is free, and even if the CD's cost $5, it's gonna demolish lil guys like me. Ok, I'm not too popular, nor am I the flavor of the month, but we need a certain amount of Cd's sold per year, and if we fall under that amount, the label is gonna drop us.

Let's say I was a brand new artist....and SLIT was just coming out. You know how hyped it was and the buzz that went on at that time, remember? Let's say that my quota was to be 2,500 cd's sold, and I fell short by 200. Yes, that also means I probably wasn't that good with that lil amount sold in the first place, but that extra 200 might have bought me another album with my label. Bottom line, the lil guys will definitley feel this I think and especially new guys if there is enough of a buzz about them. So we look at Danny D now. I have a small fan base, have a lil bit of notoriety mostly because I take part on these boards....that makes for more of a risk factor this time around I think, don't you? By the skin of our teeth most of us as it is, we can't afford to lose a single sale. The damn thing is just plain illegal in my eyes and should be banned. Stealing music is against the law, cut and dry. If we boycott anything, it should be the stores that are forcing prices through the roof! And if in fact a label is responsible, then you gotta do what you gotta do, but at the end of the day, the artist loses from all of the above and I think that sucks! Sorry to ramble as I said I wouldn't, but I feel better now. Again, this post is in no way shape or form, bashing anything that any of you had to say. Just giving it to you from my standpoint, and didn't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers if I came off that way. ;-) Peace..........

Danny Danzi

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