Mr Knowitall needs female companionship
Posted by: fanof1982 ()
Date: June 13, 2000 11:06AM

Okay Mr Q,
I apologize for my long absence I know you missed me.I guess you thought you were being a smart ass with your last reply. I would have replied earlier but I do other things besides post on message boards unlike yourself. First of all you take this shit way to seriously. I mean maybe you should be on the REM message board and not the melodic rock board. I mean at least Mr.Pope seems to have a sense of humor. I mean who the fuck are you? I mean your telling me about how Paul Gilbert was more technically gifted than John Norum was at the age of 16? How the hell would you know? Did you know John Norum at 16? How about Yngwie? What were you best friends with them both in high school or something? How the hell would you know that Paul Gilbert was a better player than John Norum at the age 16? Did you also play Dungeon`s and Dragon`s with Vivian Campell? Who was better at Monopoly, you or Greg Giuffria? And how was Craig Goldy`s 18th birthday party? I mean common. You spend way to much time on the internet. I`ll also ask Don what he thinks of Billy White when we go to Australia together for vacation. Lets see what else. I didn`t ask you for your opinions on Autograph,Y&T, or Night Ranger so keep it to yourself......pal. And the Billy White printing cd`s in his basement was a joke. The Jimi Hendrix 'Watchtower' thing was another joke. I didn`t ask you for his cock size too.
Although you would probably know it if I asked. You stated that Billy White was, I believe you said "handling the vocals" on his new stuff or something like that. I didn`t mean that Billy should sing lead vocals on 'Ashes' I meant why wasn`t he a backing vocalist or somehting along the lines. I know you probably know the answer to that too. And yeah I`m sure Billy wouldn`t want to join Dokken. There`s a huge music scene in Austin,Texas. But you wouldn`t know that your not from America. Right? I guess he managed to save his 'ashes' money. The royalties must be phenominal from a record that sold 40,000 copies(got the record sales # from and actually it was less than that if I remember correctly). Point of this post is that you need to loosen up a bit. You take this shit way to seriously. And you really come off as a very obnoxious know it all in your posts. I mean, Norum not as good as Yngwie at 16. How the hell would you know?
Me thinks I`m not the only one speaking out of my ' orifice '.

There`s the story Mr Knowitall
Fan of 1982

P.S. Get of off the Will Wheaton website(joke) and get yourself laid. Your way to uptight and serious.

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