Billy White....(laughing)
Posted by: fanof1982 ()
Date: June 08, 2000 06:06AM

Ok this is war,
Despite the fact that we both probably like the same genre of music and I like any Europe fan I don`t like being told that I talk out of my ass. I also like shaking thing`s up a little now and again. So here`s what I have to say. #1 the only way you could have supposedly bought the first 2 Europe albums when they first came out are if you are either from Europe or Japan. Like anyone ever heard of Europe in America in between 1983 and 1985 or parts of `86. So if you`re not from either Europe of Japan your talking out of your own hole. #2 I was only about 10 when ' The Final Countdown' hit MTV and I wasn`t even a fan then. #3 If Billy(whoever the hell he is)White is such a great guitar player how come John Norum filled in for George Lynch when he left Dokken and not White huh? And you say White is a singer now? How come he didn`t sing on 'Up from the Ashes'. What did he have a sore throat? Your such a Billy White expert you tell me. #4 I didn`t see the 'Up From the Ashes' tour because I was only around 14 or 15 at the time. Sorry I`m not 40 years old like yourself. #5 Who the hell has heard of Mike Slamer, or City Boy or Watchtower or whatever the hell their names are besides you and maybe your ally Mr. Pope. The only ' Watchtower' I know is the Jimi Hendrix one. I mean where the hell do you find these cd`s? Or do you print them in Billy White`s basement:). If I want to listen to some unappreciated rock band`s I`ll listen to Autograph or Y&T or even Night Ranger maybe. Yeah I`m sure I`ll find the ' Will Sexton and the Kill' record in my local record store. Yeah right. So if you wanna attack my age go right ahead. It`s better to be younger than older anyway. I mean John Norum was between 18 and maybe 20 when he made the first 3 Europe albums. For that young of a kid I`m damn impressed with his playing. Thats all I have to say for now. The Fan has spoken. Take heed in my letter Mr Q than respond if you wish. My ass is done speaking.

Fan of all that is 80`s(except Billy White)
Fan of 1982

P.S John Norum and Europe rule......

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