new Asia is AWFULA
Posted by: The Other Joe ()
Date: April 25, 2001 10:56PM

Just one opinion.

Well, I only have Aqua, Aria, and Arena. They all suck. I've heard a lot of good things about Aura, but they sound like all the same type of good things I heard about Arena. I've been burned once. I'm not buying Aura. I've heard a few clips, and I'm sorry to say it but there hasn't been any improvement as far as I can tell. It's just more of the same.

I don't like the singer, John Payne. He is probably the biggest reason for my dislike of the recent formation of the band. I'm not a John Wetton worshipper, and I'm not the webmaster or participant in the John Payne sucks unfan club. To me, he is just wrong in every way. For one thing, he strikes me as a bad hair metal singer like Bret Michaels or something. As if that isn't bad enough, someone told him that he's got soul. He doesn't. He sounds like a Bret Michaels doing a remake of Michael Bolton's remake of Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay. He's just plum awful. There's this one episode of Brady Bunch where the kids were selected by some hippie TV commercial director to do a spot for a laundry detergent. Their wacky aunt Myrna, who claims to be an actress of some sort, tells them to get "motivated." They over-act and over-emote in way that is totally cheesy. As a singer, John Payne is also "motivated." He overdoes his emotion to the point of feeling completely contrived. It makes me cringe. In additional to his bad natural tone and hideous phrasing, he has a tendency to miss notes by just enough to drive me nuts, especially on Aqua.

The vocals are just one dimension to the awfulness of the 90's Asia output. Another problem is that the song-writing is just plain flat. Nothing grabs me. No hooks. I can listen to the entire album straight thru and absolutely nothing sticks. I have no desire to singer along, even though it might be an improvement. It's just impossible to get into the music at all. I have the exact same problem with the highly over-rated band Ten as well, so judge that for what it's worth. In the 80's, I was disappointed by the song-writing on Astra, but it sounds stellar compared with the crap on these releases. Admittedly, I noticed a very tiny improvement on Arena, but it isn't enough to merit any real attention. It just illustrates how terrible Aqua and Aria were.

The third problem is that the whole thing sounds uninspired. It's like they hired a bunch of studio musicians who were just working for a paycheck. I sure that some of them were, but just compare hired hand Pitrelli's playing on this material to his hired hand work on the Savatage stuff. It's night and day. It's like even he knew how bad the Asia stuff was. The music has no life and its performance mirrors that lifelessness. You'd think that at least Downes would sound like he's enjoying the music, but he doesn't. The music is plain tepid.

The album art is cool, though.

Save your money to buy a decent reissue.


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