WARRIOR - OK, Andrew, gotta say something here!
Posted by: John Q ()
Date: April 23, 2001 12:10PM

Let me preface this by saying 'opinions are like azzholes - everybody's got one' but I really have to argue a few points with you here, namely:

You say: Closest relative: Impellitteri, Helloween

What?! The only thing Warrior has/had in common with Imp is Rob Rock's godly voice, period. That's where the comparisons end. The Helloween comparison is even more off the mark - WARRIOR sounds NOTHING like Helloween or the wave of 'tribute' bands they've spawned! Thank God. H'ween is the epitome of Euro metal w/ lots of uptempo double bass and cheesy, happy singalong choruses. Warrior is the epitome of American HEAVY metal, with an emphasis on mid-tempo groove and power. Cheese factor: zero.

And this may be nitpicking, but WARRIOR are not 'melodic metal' just like classic Sabbath, Maiden or Priest aren't either. While the music is melodic, the term 'Heavy Metal' or 'American Power Metal' sums it up a lot better really. Bottom line - TCOL kicks way harder than any 'melodic metal'. Also, I feel comparing the album to anything that goes on over in Europe right now is misleading; WARRIOR take their cues from Dio-era Sabbath and Priest, European gods of yesteryear, not the current crop of Helloween wannabes.

I do agree with your comparisons to Bruce Dickinson, particularly 'The Chemical Wedding'. Both TCOL and TCW strike a perfect balance between classic metal tradition and a more modern approach in terms of production and attitude w/o neglecting the melodic aspect. More bands should, rather than simply rehashing every old 80's cliche.

ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of of classic Priest, Dio-era Sabbath, early Metal Church, Savatage w/ Criss Oliva, and Bruce Dickinson solo w/ Roy Z.

I am quite a fan of Rob Rock's powerhouse vocals and his recent work with Impellitteri and his own solo album have created a nice little catalogue of high octane melodic heavy rock to listen to.
Fans that have followed Rock should take the next step with him to this new project, taking over vocals for the melodic metal band Warrior.
The volume, style and tempo of The Code Of Life is another step up the metallic ladder for Rob Rock, but as heavy as it gets, he still manages to keep pace perfectly and add additional melody to the song with his awesome voice.
He's not involved here, buy those that love the whole Roy Z/Bruce Dickinson approach to production and delivery should find more to love here.
The music is strong and aggressive for sure, but Rob takes the quality to a new level.
This is prime time heavy ass tuned down melodic metal.
Those that love Impellitteri and Rob's solo work, but wouldn't want it to get any heavier should check out soundbytes before buying this.
BOTTOM LINE: Another great album to add to Rob Rock's resume and another good example of European heavy metal, with plenty of heavy bass and guitar riffs, and in your face vocals. One for the fans of the heavier side of life.

ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Rob Rock and Warrior and those that love the heavier & European style of hard rock.

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