Blackout reviews THE NEW W.A.S.P
Posted by: johnny blackout ()
Date: April 17, 2001 02:45AM


Been listening to this for about two days now so I guess I'm ready to review this bad boy.

First off, All non-WASP fans click off of here and read the latest post about Black Bambi. If you're not a WASP fan, this album will not convince you otherwise (although that would be great if it did).

Blackie's back and has returned to a more conventional WASP sound on this album which calls to mind Headless Children and Crimson Idol. If I had to compare the sound specifically though - I would say this has the overall feel of Headless Children with a few Helldorado spices thrown in.

This time Blackie is railing against religion & headline issues (Organized religion, evangelists, school shootings, tabloidism) The disc starts off with Let It Roar which is a killer, ripping track on the level of The Invisible Boy. Its a awesome song but, again, its a typical WASP rocker. Its ALL chorus too. Ever notice how many WASP songs have the "Ohhhh Noooo Ohhh Noooo Ohhhhh" in it? Blackie loves saying that - not a bad thing - just an observation.

Then we have "Hate To Love Me" VERY typical WASP song. This could've been off of the first album but would have fit in nicely in Helldorado. "Locomotive Man" is the highlight of the album. Musically, its a sequel to "Chainsaw Charlie" not in terms of lyrics but the sound is very "Crimson Idol" VERY good though. The chorus is very melodic and the subject matter is controversial (Columbine). I love this song. You will too. If you like WASP, you'll love Locomotive Man.

"Charisma" is the epic song on the album. "Unholy Terror" is basically the intro to this song. Its about religious and political figures and how they make the publick love them. This is a mid-tempo rocker almost. Cool chorus, very moody. Another great track - takes some patience though because the content is so heavy.

"Who Slayed Baby Jane?" I think this tune is about Jon Benet Ramsay. Not sure though. Heavy as hell and dark. Not a great song - its very repetitive and goes on too long. WASP fans will like the song but only because its SO Blackie (and has that Oh No chorus again) But I skip it on the CD.

"Euphoria" is a instrumental. Filler. Sounds like something off of a Doors record.

"Evermore" A ballad about reincarnation. Its ok. It sounds exactly like "Forever Free" and I never liked that song either. WASP's best ballads are on Still Not Black Enough and Crimson Idol. Maybe Sleeping In The Fire. I don't like this ballad. Its too soft. Almost AOR.

Then we have "Raven Heart" This song is pretty good. Its heavy, dark and has a great lyric and title. Love the imagery of the song but the rest of it is pretty predictable. The chorus explodes and Blackie screams his guts out. I think I will eventually appreciate this - this is the fourth best track I think. Again, nothing revolutionary but this would have fit in nicely as a b-side off of Headless.

The album is rounded out with the tune "Wasted White Boys". I REALLY LIKE this song! Its dirty, sleazy and also says some pretty rude things about "holy rollers". Its about partying and not giving a f--k. This is Helldorado but with better production. Its WASP at its best. Its a tune to do cocaine to (but I don't advocate that) Cool chorus, cool melody line...multilayered vocals and another great Oh Oh chorus with Blackie singing his balls off. I'm glad they included a song that wasn't too issue oriented. WASP are great with stuff like this. Good way to close an album, hits one out of the park..

Again, Big drums, screeching guitars, Blackie's voice, dark content...this is WASP and once again they've put together an album that, while nothing too earth-shatteringly good, fits in well with the other albums and won't dissapoint hard core fans. They won't make any new ones either. About 4 or 5 good tracks. Nothing on the level of Headless or Crimson but those are iconic albums that you can't compare this too or else it ends up looking weaker. This album will grow on you as I'm sure it will on me. I reccomend skipping Baby Jane and Evermore though...just MO.

This is a 7.5 out of ten. Check it out but don't go out of your way to pay some exorbitant price. It IS better than Helldorado though. However, remember that I LIKED KillF--kDie and Still Not Black Enough so I have weird WASP taste.


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