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Posted by: Jack ()
Date: April 08, 2001 08:36AM


I was looking at the comments on Arrival over at people liked the disc a lot, but as expected, many complained that "the band just isn't the same with Perry". These kind of complaints ranged from the slightly disappointed to the flat-out aggressive.

Evidently, many of the people who wrote complained that the new singer (Augeri) couldn't fill the spot properly, and that Perry's voice was needed, etc. These are arguments I get...I don't share them at all, but I totally understand where they're coming from. Perry does indeed have an awesome voice and I understand he has a whole slew of fans who adore the way he sings and are going to sorely miss his performance. That's not counting the legion of housewives who think Perry can do no wrong, ála Michael Bolton.

So, okay, that's a criticism that you can boil down to a Matter of Opinion. I respect that. What really pissed me off were several people complaining that "it's obvious Perry's fabulous songwriting is missing", or "Journey desperately needs Steve's songwriting input", etc etc ad nauseaum.

I foam at the mouth when I read this, i swear. I have to dig my nails into the palms of my hand to keep from punching the computer screen and go on a little road rage spree (which is never very hard to do in this city).

Perry is at best, a fairly medium quality songwriter. He's an incredible performer, but songriting has never, ever been his forté. Ever. The proof is glaringly evident in his Greatest Hits record. Beautiful, golden pipes all around, but songs that are on the whole, so-so to your bland adult contemporary rubbish. People on here complain Michael Bolton having gone soft and catering AC schlop to menopausic ladies, but much of Perry;s material is the same. He doesn't have the songwriting chops, period. Is it any coincidence that the few actually Good songs he has on there such as You Better Wait had to be co-written with 5 or 6 other dudes?? His songs fall apart without Schon & Cain, who are another story - they have been the songwriting brains behind several bands...Perry's contribution may be a bit more obvious because people hear his signing and do a mental association, like he must've written the song. He does share songwriting credits in his songs, but theyre nothing spectacular, maybe he just adds a bit of lyrics, and some finishing touches, I don't know. Hell, apart from the vocalist issue, Arrival is a lot better than TBF as far as the quality of the songs themselves goes.

Say you hate Arrival because Perry's voice is missing. But if you say it's because Perry's wondrous songwriting is missing, I'll feel like sticking a fork through your throat.

No, make that your genitals.


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