RE: Hey Joe! This Crue single...
Posted by: Joe ()
Date: May 27, 2000 08:51AM

We all know that Nikki has some some outrageous things in the past. But I honestly think the reason for Gen Swine was for the techo feel of Tommy. Randy seems like he wants to play this type of music, as it seems Nikki, Mick, and Vince want to also.
Personally I like the song alot. Hearing it made me more excited for the album.

And I dont think Nikki's digs were about Metallica and NApster. It was more about how the Banned the 600,000+ fans. 300,000 the first time and again last week.
We all know that Motley wont sell multiple platinum again, so he cant just be in it for the money. He was on doing an interview and he said he LOVES napster. On the Motley site he told the fans where they could go to download it, and then put the single on their own site. Will Metallica Do that? Will any other hard rock band do that? He seems truly excited about making this music again.
Whether you like it or not, that is your opinion. But I think you already have your mind made up for you when you said this
<<First few listens and it just sounds like an out take from that album but without the recognisable sound of Tommy on the drums. Which is a shame because I really rate Randy Castillo.>>

To me Randy sounded great on the drums in this song. And you asked if people want to hear the past Rewritten over again. To me, if people are missing the sound of Tommy then Those people are wanting to hear the past. Randy is the future.

But for Tommy. Although I personally can not stand his new CD, I have a bit of respect for his professional life. Although he beats his wife and all the unlawful stuff he does, quitting was the right thing for him to do. How many of us HATE going to our jobs, but stay there because it is a steady paycheck? Well, he had enough guts to quit and find a new job. To me that was ballsy. But I also think his new music sucks. :)

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