Posted by: Jack ()
Date: April 05, 2001 04:00PM

Well, this is going to be a pretty pointless post, but I have nothing better - or more intelligent - to say.

Well, to be fair......what've we got?

I mean, Hardline & Giant are back at it again, so the two biggest hard rock hopefuls are finally off the limbo that is Wish List Hell. Cockroach is finally coming out now, 36 dollars or not. They've taken so long it's made me utterly obsessed, to the point where I would gladly ship them my kidneys and pinkie finger for the disc (plus shipping & handling). And now that The Storm has been counted out by friend Andrew, I have officially stopped foaming & frothing at the mouth like so much goddamned Alka Seltzer. Well, maybe a little harmless drool since the element of surprise is still there, but I can't think of anything. Seems like all the AORsters of yore are making the comeback, even Diving For Pearls. Go Figure.

Glass Tiger might be pleasant.....but they wouldn't be received with all that fanfare. Think big, Jack, think big.

Aw hell, I give up - and so should all of you. Second-guessing will kill a man. To quote the Bard (that's Shakespeare for the illiterate mongrels amongst you) - That Way Madness Lies. You're probably wracking your brains and neglecting your dinners and marital duties, which is pretty bad (I was going to say "fucking your wives", but that would've been unforgivably vulgar).

Although.....I'm sure Can Man is losing his mind from the anticipation, having oh-so-vivid daydreams of the Carpenters returning from the dead for a new album & tour.

Crazy bastard.


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Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 165 Ron (Holland) 04/05/2001 02:14AM
Re: Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 103Darkman04/05/2001 02:58AM
Re: Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 127joe04/05/2001 03:25AM
Re: Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 132 Pender 04/05/2001 03:41AM
Andrew,How many CD's has this group made 115dave04/05/2001 04:34AM
several :) (np) 135 Andrew 04/05/2001 07:23AM
Skid Row, Great White or Warrant? 121Ace04/05/2001 11:03AM's gotta be Boston!!! 104M04/05/2001 11:16AM
Re: Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 114 Richard 04/05/2001 05:29AM
I hope it's....... 110Kris04/05/2001 05:32AM
I think its... 122 Snake 65 04/05/2001 05:53AM
Re: I think its... 137danthecdman04/05/2001 07:09AM
I think not 122 Bladesian 04/05/2001 10:39AM
Re: I hope it's....... 116Aaron C.04/05/2001 07:16AM
Andrew-Yes! 118 HarryB 04/05/2001 07:40AM
Re: Andrew-Yes! 124 Brian 04/05/2001 08:29AM
Yes? No!! 116 koogles 04/05/2001 11:16AM
Re: Yes? No!! 148 Marc Vanway 04/05/2001 04:52PM
No!! 150 Andrew 04/05/2001 10:26PM
Re: Yes? No!! 125 Baffie 04/10/2001 07:39AM
Sorry to keep you in suspence... 124 Andrew 04/05/2001 07:31AM
Is it New England??? 126 koogles 04/05/2001 08:02AM
Re: Sorry to keep you in suspence... 119 Brian 04/05/2001 08:31AM
Don't you know Hurricane 122Ivar04/05/2001 08:49AM
Speaking of Hurricane 112danthecdman04/05/2001 11:56AM
Re: Speaking of Hurricane 132 Brian 04/05/2001 12:20PM
Re: Speaking of Hurricane 131 Tinger 04/05/2001 01:09PM
Re: Speaking of Hurricane 128 Brian 04/05/2001 05:23PM
Yeah..exactly... 135 Andrew 04/05/2001 06:57PM
Re: Sorry to keep you in suspence... 145Terry04/05/2001 04:32PM
Re: Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 112 Mike Matney 04/05/2001 10:07AM
Re: Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 113 Tinger 04/05/2001 10:12AM
Re: Andrew's big surprise for 2001 ?? 161 Brian 04/05/2001 10:28AM
Problem with that is....... 121Kris04/05/2001 11:23AM
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Going Out On A Limb... 133Robert04/05/2001 02:02PM
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Yessymphonic: new album and tour 157 Tschopper 04/06/2001 12:26AM
Surpraaahs167Jack04/05/2001 04:00PM
Re: Surpraaahs 131 Brian 04/05/2001 09:07PM

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