Re: You narrow-minded, little man!
Posted by: Tony ()
Date: March 31, 2001 03:17AM

When I was in a band back in the day, we'd sh*t on guys like you, Tony.
Your bands sexual preferences are of no interest to me Koogles, and I'll thank you for not bringing me into your sworded world of anal fetishes!
All ego, self-centred and only in the biz for what you could get out of it... not for what you could give back.
I am all ego? I am the one who is advocating that rock music should be given a chance to be heard and not kept under wraps for a few (in your case selfish) people who don't want to give bands the opportunity of commercial success. If that is being egotistical then I will admit it.
Your attitude is the worst, man! There's a whole world out there- quite possibly big enough for your hyper-inflated ego, Tony.
My attitude?? am I the one who said that this musical genre should be kept, then I suggest to you Koogles that the world IS a big place and everyone in it, young or old, should be given the chance at least to listen!! Once again if that attitude means I have a hyper-inflated ego, then once again I admit it.
This world (outside your fantasy one) consists of people who love a band's music and people who ostensibly love their music but only because it's fashionable.
My fantasy that the one in which rock music is again the top rated seller and most loved music on the planet??
Either way if a person likes a band for the deep feeling of joy the band bring to them then are they not equally important to the band as the guy who buys the CD because their friends have it? You must have been a popular guy in your band if you only let REAL fans listen to your music.
When the second group starts to out-number the first, the market does, indeed, widen for a band, but its base remains with the first group. When record sales sky-rocket on account of group #2, it's all smiles, back-slaps and handshakes from the record companies
The band will reap the benefits of the second group true, but do you really think that Bon Jovi gives a crap about whether a guy with long hair buys a CD for the song quality or a teenage girl buys it because she gets all moist over Jon's hairy chest?? NO, the sales dictate the bands's not fair but sh*t happens brother.
After this second group's 15-minute attention span elapses and they move onto their next temporary obsession, record company faces grow despondant. Then, the axe starts swingin'...all because the band couldn't maintain a level of popularity that could sustain the flighty interests of a 14-year old teenager

But the attetion span has been taken up by rock music, you are advocating that they should never be given the chance to spend their parents hard earned money.
Record companies will drop bands for wearing the wrong type of shirt nowadays, thats when the best labels come into their own (Z, MTM, Escape and N&T) these are the guys who get the ex major players and have the chance to sell them again, albeit to a smaller audience, this is where you, me and most of the other people on all these boards come into the equasion, we keep these bands alive, we keep this genre alive. But you don't want it to grow??? thats my whole argument!

Sad, how a band that lives by the trend dies by it as well. It's pretty pathetic, Tony, how you feel music must be validated by fame and fortune. Keeping it small isn't what I'm advocating at all.. what I support is keeping it REAL

It IS very sad, but that is the nature of the beast, I am a realist. If I thought that music should be validated in such a way then I would never have signed a record deal myself!
Your initial argument WAS to keep it small (underground is the exact word), this will only hurt the music. If you don't find real in some of the bands that are around at the moment then there is no hope...but they need something back, it's nice to have an album out there...but that won't pay the bills, give them a chance. In the late 80's and early 90's bands manage to keep it real! why not again.

And don't call me little man...or I'll be opening a can of whoop ass at ya!


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