Re: You've got it wrong, man!
Posted by: Tony ()
Date: March 30, 2001 05:55PM

I would go back to listening to jazz if I were you, at least that will never be popular...and that should suit you down to the ground.

To answer your unfiesably weak points...
1. Songs get over-played and then, once that happens, they get played some more.
SO WHAT!!! is that a bad thing?? I take it you have NEVER overplayed an album or song...probably not, that just isn't cool.

2. The market gets flooded with bands that are in it only for the money. For every one band that's in it for the right reasons, there are 6 or 7 that are in it for the wrong ones. (Remember all the crappy glam metal bands trying to be the next Poison or GNR?)
Also remember the great bands that blew the shite out of Poison and GNR, they came about from the fact that the genre was at it's zenith, keep it small and the bands will never get a really have no idea do you!!

3. As trends have a life expectancy of a Hollywood marriage, most bands end up losing their record deals once the life cycle of the "trend" is completed. Majors pull their support, leaving bands label-less and disillusioned. Often, the band's next move is a crushing breakup, an ill-advised style change or a nasty bout of 9-to-5 at the gas station.
If you haven't noticed yet, bands are losing their record deal NOW, most of the NU-breed have been dumped by the labels because the market isn't big enough...thus the bigger the market the better for the labels and bands.
I don't really care what people do after they break long as the music was good when they were together.

And as for calling you a thread killer??? YOU HAVE A FUCKIN' NAME FOR IT!!! I said post not thread.

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