Re: YOU're damn RIGHT !!! .
Date: March 29, 2001 12:55PM

It's quite curious because your post's reminded me of one I did awhile back with the subject " Takin' the piss of those so called reliable " where I spoke my mind 'bout the same ..." Fairy tale ".

What's up when we order our CDs through a store that's not just 'round the corner , you know , and we can't face the man on duty there tellin' us how great that new baby that's just came out of the pressin' room I'm gettin' sweeter here, darling :-) , I mean when ordering by phone , when we ask 2 the man on charge ... 'cause I always ask for taking to the man who rules the show , you know what I mean , because I don't want a teen lady tellin' me about that new plastic which's just been released and I'm interested in ...whilst havin' her hands manicured or her back being massaged by her ...horny fat boss , you know ...and you know what he's gonna tell us ...that the CD is really good , with a good production , cool screamin' guitar , or soaring vocals , ya' know ...and you want me to tell you the real story ?? , well the cd stinks , a slice of @!#$ on a damn spinnin' plastic ...but they don't give a damn about our sweat money , yeah they couldn't possibly care any less ...well I mean they just want to have it nicely fold up on their wallets ...yeah you can safety bet that they're willin' to do whatever it takes to make sure they're havin' the nicest slice of our ...cake , I actually use to tell them if I had in mind to order you 4 CDs I'm gonna go for it but don't you ever try to have me on , pal ...if the cd's a barkin' dog , you just spit it out and tell it to me straight ...don't mess around with me 'cause I'm not ready and willin' for takin' your smooth ...talkin' , right ?? , if the cd is nothing but a turkey then tell it to me and I'll order you another , it's easy man , what happens is that they have to sell all the cds they stock , you know , and if they can't convince ya' , then other will ...fall , that sucks !!! .

The other point here would be the webmasters who use to pander Cds that for some of us might be just crap ...but you've got to think that's his/her taste and there's nothing wrong with that , we just got to find out what webmaster's taste matches ours ...and then I'm sure everything would be different , don't you think so ?? , the same goes for the mags and stuff ...for some of us there might be people who make reviews on international mags whose taste could be ...shitty , but don't you ever forget there's people who enjoy to smell @!#$ , you know :-) !! .

However I'd like to carry a torch for Andrew , you know , the man who runs this web-zine " Melodic Rock .Com " , I think he's makin' an outstandin' job for the mucic that we've always loved since we were just toddrels , I actually kinda bet we all were risen
suckin' the melodic rock big tit ;-) , Andrew's reviews are always great and quite accurate I might add here , to me at least they're the best ones on the net far , well I suppose that's just a matter of taste ..., and the truth is that it really upsets me whenever I spot someone tryin' to jump on him , givin' him a hard time ...'cause I think he doesn't deserve it at all , because he's making just a wonderful job ...and besides I can crearly spot what a sensible person he is ...and that's what really reaches soul , I just can't help it , damn ;-) !!! .

MrPool , " I know of a certain webmaster who's guilty of this " ...I kinda bet you're being quite sarcastic here , but you've got to think that nobody's perfect ...sometimes we all surf on the wave of emotion when we lay our hands on a new " good" ...gettin' carried away by a first spin maybe in a rush for updatin' but that doesn't make us any less ...A GOOD REVIEWER , AS ANDREW IS , you just have to find someone who you may find reliable , you know !! .


We'd do better listenin' to the sound clips before orderin' our CDs , ya' know ...that'd be a good piece of advice , don't you think so ?? !! .


ROCK ON !! .( you owe me a beer , mate ;-) !! ) .


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