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Date: March 25, 2001 02:39AM

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of the Hot Tracks new release newsletter.
Friday March 23, 2001.

"Your Melodic Rock CD Source!"


WEEK ENDING: Friday March 23, 2001

Take a look below at the latest releases plus other hot titles now available!

The Latest Releases:

People always tell you not to judge a book by it’s cover, but Amsterdam breaks the rules here. Go ahead and judge this one!- Amsterdam delivers a dose of uncompromising hair metal with big guitars and harmonies similar to Firehouse, Ratt, and Danger, Danger!!-$16.99

ANATOMIC-“In For The Thrill”
Great AOR band formerly known as Shy Tiger with an explosive release!-$16.99

ARK-“Burn The Sun”
Latest release featuring Jorn Lande!- Great progressive rock!-$16.99

ASHES TO ASHES-“The Darker Side”
Catchy hooks with a modern rock sound!=$16.99

BOB CATLEY-“Middle Earth”
Catley returns with Gary Hughes for latest release!-$16.99

MISHA CALVIN-“Evolution +6”
Classic debut now re-issued with 6 bonus tracks!- Features the awesome Tony Martin in vocals!-$17.99

HALFORD-“Live Resurrection”
2-cd live set from the Judas Priest frontman!-$17.99

KATATONIA-“Last Fair Deal Gone Down”
Brand new studio release from this excellent metal band!- Limited edition comes in a fold out digipak!-$17.99

NO RESPSECT-“No Respect”
Crunching guitars and powerful soaring vocals are what No Respect are all about!- If you like Skid Row, Vain, and Dangerous Toys, then this one is a must have!- This cd rocks from the first track to the last!-$16.99

PARIS-“Big Towne”
2nd release!-$16.99

PICTURE-“Picture/Heavy Metal Ears”
1st time on cd with two albums on one cd!-$16.99

PICTURE-“Diamond Dreamer/Eternal Dark”
1st time on cd with two albums on one cd!-$16.99

RUBBER-“Ultra Feel”
Japanese import from the band formerly known as Harem Scarem!-$29.99

SAMSON-“There & Back”
Collection of outtakes, alternate versions and studio lunacy!- Features sleeve notes from Paul Samoson, and features many never before seen photos!-$16.99

1st time on cd and digitally remastered featuring the original artwork!-$16.99

TANK-“War On Attrition”
Live recording from Germany in 1981!- Features sleeve notes from the immitable Algy Ward and exclusive photos from his personal archive!-$16.99

1995 release featuring Vince DiCola!-$16.99

Latest compilation features Rick Springfield, Bad Habit, RTZ, Fergie Frederiksen, and many many more!-$15.99

Recent & Hot Selling Titles:

ASIA-“Alive In Hallowed Halls”
Last live recording with all the original band members from Detroit Michigan 1983!-$17.99

March/April 2001 issue features interviews with Demon Drive, Nelson, Axe, Von Groove, and more!- Plus includes an 11 track sampler from Lion Music!-$10.00

HUMAN RACE-“Dirt Eater”
2nd release from the band!-$16.99

LANA LANE-“Love Is An Illusion”
Double cd contains the great debut, and the remixed 1998 version including two bonus tracks!-$21.99

Features David Coverdale on the cover. And includes, articles, interviews, and reviews with Joe Lynn Turner, Kip Winger, Pretty Maids, Millenium, Heartland, Symphony X, Virgin Steele, Bar 7, Raine, The GODS 2000 and more!!-$10.00

Features Saga on the cover and interviews with Alyson Avenue, Cornerstone, Dark Sky, Mitch Malloy, Richard Marx, Mob Rules, Pretty Maids, Savannah, The Sign, and reviews of the latest releases from Adriangale, Alfonzetti, Mark Boals, Axe, Burning Rain, Crystal Ball and many many more!!-$10.00

SNAKES IN PARADISE-“Yesterday And Today”
16-track compilation from the bands previous releases!-$16.99

ANNIHILATOR-“Carnival Diablos”
Band retyrbs with their 10th official album!-$16.99

BIOHAZARD-“Tales From The B-Side”
Features exclusive re-mixes and unreleased tracks!-Import!-$16.99

DAVID GRAY-“Lost Songs”
Acoustic release features material between 1995 and 1998!-Import!-$21.99

HELLOWEEN-“The Dark Box”
Special limited edition import box set includes mouse pad, zippo lighter, the bands latest cd, a poster and more!-$35.99

MAD MAX-“Night Of Passion +2”
Third and rare release is now re-issued with 2 bonus tracks!-$16.99

SAVATAGE-“Poets & Madmen”
Limited Edition contains one bonus track, and one video clip!-$17.99

Johnnie and Donnie return with latest which is better than their first!-$16.99

WARRIOR-“Code Of Life”
Rob Rock is now featured as the band's new vocalist!-$16.99

JOHN WETTON-“Sinister”
European version of the “Welcome To Heaven” new release, is Wetton's best work wince “Battle Lines”!!- Recommended!-$16.99

ARABIA-“1001 Nights”
Great U.S. melodic rock!-$16.99

European import!- Features guests Simon Phillips, and Steve Howe!!-$16.99

AT VANCE-“Dragon Chaser”
Bands latest effort- Great metal!-$16.99

AT VANCE-“Early Works-Centers”
Re-issue of the power metal band's debut!-$16.99

CHAINS-“Eros Of Love And Destruction”
Originally only released in Japan in 1977- Now on European import!
Features Dougie White!-$16.99

CRY HOLY-“Ten From Two”
Christian outfits best of compilation!-$16.99

PAUL GILBERT-“Alligator Farm”
Ex-Mr. Big member with new solo release now on European import!-$16.99

NARNIA-“Desert Land”
Third release for the metal band!-$16.99

ODIN-“By The Gods”
Features the bands 3 ep's for the first time on cd!- This is the band that was featured in “The Decline Of Western Civilcation Part 2” movie!-$16.99

ROCK ALLEY-“Rock Alley”
Killer melodic rock metal band from New York with a mixture of Tesla and Stellheart!-$16.99

ROMEO DELITE-“Romeo Delite”
Refreshing new band playing kick ass melodic metal similar to Vain and Ratt!-$16.99

2nd release from the Swedish rockers- Great stuff!-$16.99

Vincent's latest is another excellent dose of '80's AOR!-$16.99

THE BABYS-“Head First”
Now re-issued, and re-mastered with all new liner notes and exclusive photos!-$11.99

THE BABYS-“On The Edge”
Now re-issued, and re-mastered with all new liner notes and exclusive photos!-$11.99

THE BABYS-“Union Jacks”
Now re-issued, and re-mastered with all new liner notes and exclusive photos!-$11.99

BONFIRE-“Who's Foolin' Who”
16-track compilation of the bands best tracks!-$14.99

BRITNY FOX-“Long Way To Live”
14-track live set from their 2000 tour!-$14.99

PRIME-TIME-“Free The Dream”
New project features members from Elegy, Royal Hunt, and Narita!- Catchy songs with lots of hooklines!-$15.99

RICK SPRINGFIELD-“Alive: Greatest Hits”
Brand new 18-track compilation recorded live on his 2000 tour!-$15.99

KIP WINGER-“Down Icognito”
Now re-isued from the former Winger frontman!-$16.99

KIP WINGER-“This Conversation Seems Like A Dream”
Newly re-issued!-$16.99

ALIEN-“Live In Stockholm 1990 +1”
Japanese import featuring Pete Sandberg with live material recorded in 1990!-$29.99

CRYSTAL EYES-“In Silence They March”
Hard rocking metal outfit with their latest release!-$16.99

ELEMENTS OF FRICTION-“Elements Of Friction”
Los Angeles super group featuring Ricky Phillips, Tommy Aldrige, Robin MacAuley, and Marcus Nand!- Features songs from Mark Spiro, Dan Huff, Neal Schon, James Christian, Gregg Guiffria, and Jonathan Cain!-$15.99

Melodic hard rockers from the U.S. present their latest, proving once again they deserve a place in first row as frontman Danny Martinez and the men around him deliver first class hard rock!- Produced by Bobby Barth!- Bands best release to date!-$15.99

HOTWIRE-“Middle Of Nowhere”
Unusual 2-cd release with the same songs on both cd's only with different singers.
Disc one is with the bands new singer, and Disc two is with the bands original singer.Either way it is great melodic rock!-$16.99

JADED HEART-“Diary: 1990-2000”
15-track compilation features re-mixed versions and a couple of new or previously unreleased tracks!-$15.99

JOURNEY-“The Journey Continues”
Japan only release features greatest hits plus two tracks (“Remember Me”, and
All The Way”) featuring new lead singer Steve Augeri!-$29.99

KICK AXE-“Welcome To The Club”
All-time classic release now re-issued on cd!-$16.99

SAGA-“House Of Cards”
Canadian band returns with their best effort in some time!-$17.99

XYZ-“XYZ +1”
Bands classic AOR debut contains the bonus track “On The Blue Side Of Night”-$16.99

COMPANY OF SNAKES-"Here They Go Again-Live"
Band is back with another batch of Whitesnake classics on this 2-cd set recorded partly live and in the studio. Features new vocalist Stefan Berrgren, formerly with Snakes In Paradise!-$17.99

DOMAIN-"One Million Lightyears From Home"
German melodic rock!-$16.99

Japanese import re-issue of this classic Westcoast re;ease featuring Dan Huff, Michael Landau, and Tommy Funderburk!-$29.99

Rockers return with a more polsihed and commercial sounding album!-$16.99

HEADPINS-"Turn It Loud"
First time on cd for the bands 1982 debut featuring Darby Mills and Brian Macleod!-$19.99

THE KEANE BROTHERS-"The Keane Brothers"
First time on cd featuring brothers Tom and John Keane!- Produced by David Foster and featuring the Porcaro's, Bill Champlin and more!- Originally released in 1977. Japanese import!-$25.99

U.S. rockers with a sound similar to Badlands features Keith Slade of Steelhouse Lane!-$16.99

Album gets official release!- Originally out in 1999 through the bands website only. Gunner twins return with best release for some time!-$16.99

Japanese import of this 1978 classic featuring Richard Page (Mr.Mister) on this re-issue. This release is a must!-$25.99

SMILEK-"Sentimental Highway"
Kivel Records release yet another excellent AOR release from these U.S. rockers!-$16.99

TORONTO-"Looking For Trouble"
First time on cd for this Canadian bands release!-$19.99

TREAT-"Muscle In Motion"
Never before released album from the Swedish AOR band featuring Mats Level on vocals!- Great!-$18.99

JOHN WETTON-"Welcome To Heaven +2"
The wait is over!- The former vocalist for Asia releases latest solo work which is his best in years since "Battle Lines"!- Great songs and production= "winner!". Features songs co-written with Jim Peterik, Jim Vallance and others!-Japanese import!-$29.99

2nd release featuring Phil Naro is another good one!-$15.99

AVANTASIA-"The Metal Opera"
Brand new power metal offering featuring Tobias of Edguy!. Also featuring members of Virgin Steele, and Gamma Ray!-$16.99

BURNING RAIN-"Pleasure To Burn"
Now on European import!- 2nd release with Doug Aldrich serves up another fine platter of great AOR!-$16.99

Canadian artist with this originally released 1997 album features great AOR/melodic rock tunes!-$16.99

MAGNITUDE 9-"Reality In Focus"
Excellent progressive rock similar to Queensryche and Dream Theater!-Lastest offering!-$16.99

TONY MONTANA-"Tombstone Shuffle +2"
Ex-Great White bass player's solo release features two bonus tracks which were not found on the original release!-$16.99

TYGERS OF PAN TANG-"Live At Nottingham Rock City"
15-track compilation recorded live in 1981!-$17.99

Great Swedish band featuring Mats Leven (Treat/Swedish Erotica) on vocals!-Excellent Hard Rock!!-$14.99

FREEDOM CALL-"Crystal Empire"
2nd release for this power metal extravaganza!-$16.99

'80's melodic metal featuring stellar musicianship with a touch of heavy metal class!- Think of the Scorpions, Dokken, and Yngwie Malmsteen!-$16.99

HELIX-"Long Way To Heaven"
Classic AOR release featuring Brian Vollmer!- Originally released in 1985!!
First time on cd!-$17.99

HELIX-"No Rest For The Wicked"
Another classic featuring "Does A Fool Ever Learn", "Heavy Metal Love", and other classics!-$17.99

HELIX-"Walkin' The Razor's Edge"
The bands best-selling release with the classics "Rocke Me", "Six Strings, Nine Lives", "Animal House", and more!- A classic rock must!-$17.99

Bands first album is now re-released!-$15.99

PRIMAL FEAR-"Nuclear Fire"
Excellent new hard rock/metal release!-$16.99

POWERPLAY-"Issue #18"
Latest issue features a free 11-track cd sampler with tracks from Millenium,
The Sign, Bar 7, Virgin Stelle, Rhapsody, and more. Also includes intereviews with Jim Peterik, Doro and more!- $10.00 ($2.00 per magazine shipping is added for all international shipments due to major postal increase)

TONY CAREY-"Retrospective: 1982-1999"
16 track compilation includes the hit "I Won't Be Home Tonight", plus 2 unreleased solo tracks, and one Planet P unreleased track!-$18.99

DE ALLEN-"Twisted Inside"
Excellent melodic rock with enormous guitars and powerful melodies!-$16.99

MARCIE FREE-"Tormented +3"
AOR Classic is now re-issued with 3 bonus tracks!- Marcie/Mark Free (King Kobra, Unruly Child) with excellent AOR!-$17.99

GREG GUIDRY-"Private Sessons"
Great '80's Westcoast with guest Dan Huff!- Prviously only available as a Japan import!-$17.99

GREG GUIDRY-"Soul'd Out"
Another excellent Westcoast gem featuring Dan Huff, and other guests-Previously only available as a Japan import!-$17.99

HEAVEN & EARTH-"Windows To The World"
2nd project from Stuart Smith, this time featuring vocalist Kelly Keeling!-Excellent!-$14.99

LAAZ ROCKIT-"Know Your Enemy"
Metal masterpiece features 3 bonus tracks taken from 1983 demo!-$16.99

LOTUS-"Quartet Conspiracy"
Swedish rock in the vein of Led Zeppelin features Thin Lizzy member Brian Robertson!-$16.99

PRETTY BOY FLOYD-"Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz +1"
Japanese import includes the bonus track "Slam Dunk"-$28.99

SEVENTH FORCE-"Seventh Force"
Excellent US rock with a classic 1980's sound similar to Dokken!-$16.99

SOJOURN-"World Of Spirits"
US Rockers return after a 15 year absence!-$14.99

VARIOUS ARTISTS-"Foreginer Tribute"
Tribute to the great rockers features covers by Chris Ousey, Robert Berry,and many more!-$14.99

KIP WINGER-"Songs From The Ocean Floor"
The ex-Winger bands latest solo release on European import. Some great AOR!-$14.99

AYREON-"Ayreonauts Only"
Unreleased material featuring Lana Lane, Gary Hughes, Ian Parry, Edward Reekers, and more!-$16.99

THE PRODUCERS-"The Producers/You Make The Heat"
First time on cd for the self-titled debut, plus the 1982 release of "You Make The Heat", on one cd!- Great Pop/Rock!-$17.99

JIMMY BARNES-"Soul Deeper"
Barne's latest solo release after the Cold Chisel reunion!-
Limited first pressings come with a bonus five track cd!-$21.99

DOUBLE DEALER-"Double Dealer"
Features members of Concerto Moon and Saber Tiger- Not the Canadian band-Japanese metal band.Also includes a video clip for "Deep Blue Sky"!-$16.99

DAVID FEINSTEIN-"One Night In The Jungle"
Excellent new release from the former Rods member and guitarist!-$16.99

STEVE HACKETT-"Feedback '86"
Never released material from what was to be the 2nd GTR album!
Features Chris Thompson on some tracks!-$16.99

GEDDY LEE-"My Favourite Headache"
New solo release from the Rush member!-$18.99

PLACE CALLED RAGE-"Place Called Rage"
Previously only available on Japan import. Supergroup features Tommy Farese,
Al Pitrelli, Chuck BonFante, Mark Mangold, and Danny Miranda!-$16.99

Norwegian rockers live compilation recorded this past summer!-$21.99

THUNDER-"They Think It's All Over...Now It Is"
Live two disc set that is finally released as a European import!-$16.99

VALENTINE-"Believing Is Seeing"
Japanese import from the Dutch keyboard wizard!-$29.99

VARIOUS ARTISTS-"Best Of Norwegian Rock"
Excellent compilation features: TNT, Stage Dolls, Heaven, DaVinci, Tindrum,
Dream Police, Sons Of Angels and more!-$21.99

16 track compilation with tracks from 101 South, Axe, House Of Shakira, Kharma, Raine, Doug Howard, Metropolis, Alfonzetti, Joe Lynn Turner, Danger Danger, Dogface, Harlan Cage, Dare, Shameless, and Elements of Friction!-$15.99

MARK BOALS-"Ring Of Fire"
2nd solo release features guest Tony MacAlpine!!-$15.99

Now on European import. Features ex-Rainbow member Dougie White!-$15.99

INTO THE LIGHT-"Into The Light"
Features Tim Donahue, with vocals by the mighty Kelly Hansen (Unruly Child)!-$14.99

1980 Classic release now on cd for the first time and digitally remastered!

2nd issue for this excellent import rock magazine includes interviews with
House of Lords, Mitch Malloy, Westworld and more!- Also includes a 17-track cd sampler!-$10.00

AXE-"The Crown"
Bands latest with Bobby Barth features 10 tracks!-$14.99

GIUFFRIA-"Silk And Steel + 1"
Finally re-issued on cd!. 2nd release from Greg Giuffria and company is digitally remastered and includes the bonus track "Say It Ain't True"!-$16.99

DOUG HOWARD-"Last Man Standing"
Former Stunn Leer member proves his all-around qaulities as a musician and singer with new release! All instruments are played by himself and produced by himself with Bob St. John, who gained a reputation in the music scene with productions like Extreme, Ozzy Osbourne!-$14.99

ROB ROCK-"Rage Of Creation"
Previously only on Japan import. Ex-Impellitteri vocalist with excellent rock!-Produced by Roy Z!-$15.99

SANTERS-"Cold Fusion"
12-track compilation includes 2 unreleased tracks!-$16.99

SLAYER-"Stain Of Mind + 4"
Japanese import colllection features 4 live tracks from a secret gig in Tokyo!-
Features "Raining Blood", "Angel Of Death", "Mandatory Suicide", "Chemical Warfare"-$18.99

STRANGEWAYS-"Gravitational Pull"
Latest release!-$16.99

VARIOUS ARTISTS-"MTM Compilation Vol. 5"
Latest compilation features tracks from upcoming albums from Dogface, Radioactive, Axe, Elements Of Friction, Carl Dixon, among others. Also features exclusie songs from House Of Shakira, as well as Japan only tracks from Brian McDonald, and Metropolis!-$15.99

Original lineup reformed and recorded material of their classic tracks!-$15.99

U.S. rockers featuring the vocalist from Tour De Force- Chali Cayte!-$16.99

21 GUNS-"Nothing's Real + 6"
Now on European import with 6 bonus tracks!-$14.99

BURNING RAIN-"Burning Rain"
Previously only on Japan import, now available on European import!-$16.99

PAUL DIANNO-"Live At The Whiskey"
Former vocalist for Iron Maiden releases 11 live tracks!-Features tracks from Wrathchild, Phantom of The Opera, and Sanctuary!-$15.99

First time on cd for this ultimate classic AOR release!-$16.99

GATLING GUN-"Turn Back The Time"
2nd release from these rockers!-$14.99

Brand new and anticipated follow-up to "Alchemy", which was his best-selling release ever!. 14 tracks with cover artwork by Frank Frazetta. Features Mark Boals on vocals!!-$16.99

ERIC MARTIN-"Eric Martin"
Self titled release now re-issued on cd!-$14.99

ERIC MARTIN-"I'm Only Fooling Myself"
What some call Martin's best solo work- Excellent AOR/Pop rock songs including "Everytime I Think Of You", "I Can't Relax" and more!- First time on cd!-$14.99

Now re-issued on cd!-$16.99

Now re-issued on cd!-$16.99

TKO-"In Your Face/Up Your Ass"
2-cd set includes the album "In Your Face" with 3 bonus tracks, plus the 15-track live cd "Up Your Ass"!-$21.99

HOT TRACKS-"Your Melodic Rock CD Source"

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