RE: Ten´s new album - and revelations from VB
Posted by: Mark Ashton ()
Date: May 24, 2000 09:27PM

Hi Steve,

>Classic Rock carried a studio report from Ten about their forthcoming concept >album.

They sure did and Vinny`s not best pleased as the piece was a collection of misquotes and things taken out of context. Why magazines insist on taking the negative out of an interview rather than actually trying to help promote good music is beyond me. Have these journalists learnt nothing from the failures of RAW, KERRANG etc. Anyway, that`s a whole other discussion.

>Apparently the album may may not now be called "Babylon" after all - no >alternative given.

It is and alsways has been called "Babylon" from the moment that Gary decided that`s what the album would be called. God knows where they got this from.

>Also some interesting little comments from Vinny Burns. He says that he´s a bit >happier with the new album compared with Spellbound, because there are more >guitars,

I`m not sure you could have an album with more guitars than "Spellbound". Vinny`s only problem with "Spellbound" was only with one or two songs which are more in the technical metal style, which he isn`t a fan of. It`s not that he thinks that "The Phantom" is a crap song, he just doesn`t like that style of music, so he also wouldn`t like anything by IRON MAIDEN, STRATOVARIUS, HELLOWEEN, ROAYL HUNT etc. It`s just not his thing. He`s more into bands like JOURNEY, SCORPIONS, THIN LIZZY etc.
I`d say "Babylon" has quite a few heavy songs on it. The whole thing generally rocks pretty hard throughout. There may be more rhythm guitars on "Babylon" than "Spellbound", but there`s probably less lead guitar as the material is telling a story so has a lot of vocals and also with Don Airey`s involvement there are more keyboard solos than before.

>and less Iron Maiden and celtic influences.

He actaully likes the celtic stuff. His actual comment was that he might even do some of that on his next solo album as he`s half Irish. he was making the point that as soon as any bands do anything like that, journalists are so quick to get the knives out and say it`s just a Lizzy rip-off, even though anyone with that background should be perfectly legit to do it.

>That´s interesting, since I personally didn´t like Spellbound as much as the >earlier stuff

I think you may be sadly disappointed when you hear "Babylon" then as it`s much heavier than the earlier material generally. The album has many different styles to it to be honest. There are 3 very different ballads ( "Love Became The Law" is very dark sounding, "Silent Rain" is a hugely commercial power ballad and "Valentine" is an epic in the vein of "Loneliest Place In The World" or "Someday" ), some killer AOR songs ( The GIANTesque "Barricades", the commercial LEPPARDesque "Give In This Time" and the singalong anthem of "Black Hearted Woman" ), three absolutely storming uptempo epics ( The opening track, "The Stranger", the PURPLEesque vibe of "Dawn Star" which has a huge chorus and some great keyboard / guitarwork at the end and "Thunder In Heaven", which was described by TEN`s engineer, Audu Obaje, as possibly the best song that the band has ever done! ) an Eastern flavoured stomper ( "Timeless" ) which is a huge beast of a track and even one incredibly different MEGADETH meets AOR track called "The Heat".
All I can say is that you should give it a listen as there`s something there for everyone.

>and I got the impression that many fans were of the same opinion as I (then >again, quite a few seemed to be in favour, so what do I know?!).

Well, "Spellbound" was by far the bands most successful album in Europe, taking them to a whole new level of sales in countries such as Germany, Italy and France. As with any band that has made several albums and actually has a career, there will be people who think that the new album is the best thing that the band has ever done and those who think it isn`t as good as a particular previous effort. It`s like picking the best THIN LIZZY album or the best UFO album. Everyone will have an opinion as to which is the best album but that doesn`t mean that the others aren`t good. We found that the AOR fans tended to be less keen on "Spellbound" but the more hard rock orientated listeners thought it was the best thing the band has done to date.

>Vinny also says that Ten are committed to promoting themselves more in >England by gigging more extensively... Sounds good to me!

That part of the feature was true. "Babylon" will definitely be extensively toured. I`m actually putting a European tour together at this moment, taking in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain, plus a GODS in Italy and the UK as well. A full UK tour will then be put together for early 2001 after the band has played in Japan where the entire new album will be performed as one piece of music

Bye for now,

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