Re: Big Dog
Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: February 16, 2001 07:56PM

Dog, great post! In a sense Nap can be a valuable weapon if used properly. I think the artists and labels should have control over what is posted in the future. Like I've said many times before, like a gun gets used illegally, it becomes a crime; the same with Napster. I have found my whole album on there numerous times. I can see giving a few songs out there, but not my entire album! That's where the rules have to be applied. Like John Kivel said, and I totally agree, more use it the wrong way than the right way.

Most that use it are kids in their teens with no money to buy CD's. We the artists suffer because our sales go down and may not be able to renew our deal. Everyone loses here I think. I can say that it's good for exposure, but not a full album on there. I'd even go as far as to post "For Napster Only" songs for the napster users.

When I first got started in music, I played for free, gave out free cassettes etc. This is my bread and butter, and signing a deal entitles me to a piece of the pie with my material now. Though I'm actually quite flattered that anyone would even put my songs on there, what gives them the right to steal my children? Shouldn't I have a say in this as the owner of my work? This is where Napster sucks and I absolutely hate it. I use it to see who has my album on it, and have only downloaded one song which was a Beatles song I have on they made their money off of me. ;-)

No, I won't miss it at all. I've already been in a few battles with people that had the balls to keep my album on there when I nicely asked them to remove a FEW select songs. When they didn't comply, I contacted my attorney and Napster and a written letter of copyright infringement was sent to them. The songs were immediately taken down from those particular users. I could have been a dick and made some money, but taking them down was enough compensation for me and like I said, I was quite flattered to have even been thought of to have someone put my stuff up there. Should I have to go through that? I think not.

The bottom line to me is this. I'm not against napster totally, I just think it needs guidelines and it should be strictly artist/label participation and enforced. Why should we not be in control of our investments and material, you know? I don't think the answer is ban it, but I feel control must be implemented not just because I'm a starving artist or worried about the almighty buck, (because I'm not) but because it's the law.

Danny Danzi

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