Re: Napster ruling...KIVEL .02?
Posted by: KIvel ()
Date: February 14, 2001 12:52AM

Hello Carl

Well I was going to avoid this thread, but if you really want my take , well here it is. Now Im not stating these facts to start a debate with others that may disagree with me. I feel that it the idea of napster and others is in fact a good idea , but i feel that it is abused. Let me put it simple like this. Ask yourself people that you are in a band and just spent a fortune to record your first album for SONY. Now ofcourse your record sales have to pay back that money before you see a profit and buy that car you want. The problem here though is Evryone DL it on NAPSTER! Now some people say they use it to just hear the tunes and then go out and buy the album regardless, but im sorry to say thats not everyone. Majority of the people DL the songs instead of buying it. Ive heard people say this only hurts the lbels, not true it hurts everyone even the buyer. The artist doesnt make a royalty on the DL , the lable doesnt make a sale, the distro doesnt make money, the store doesnt make money. So what happens is, PRICES get raised. Which then hurts the customer. If you were a pop singer, and your song was on the top 5 on the radio charts. You would want that royalty check, wouldnt you? Well ASCAP and the radio stations decide not to pay you. Thats what is wrong with NAPSTER. Air play with out compensation. People are trading CD qaulity music on a massive scale. People are losing money.Now your a no name band that barley sold a 1000 cd's. You find out your song was Downloaded over 500 thousand times. You would want the check if it was played that much on the radio.So it should be the same here. The solution is simple. NAPSTER can charge a small fee like if you belonged to a book club or something. That money should be used to pay the artists for the downloads. If the song is copyrighted, the artist should get their publishing, its as simple as that. Napster could also charge for banners and ad space which could pay the bands as well. Now this is my take on this and i respect what others feel about this regardless if i do not agree i respect their choice to support napster. So please just take it or leave it waht i have said, lets keep this thread civil.

Hey Carl was that good enough for you!?! :-)

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