Confusion has set in. Drugs have taken their toll
Posted by: Big Bow Wow ()
Date: May 16, 2000 01:17PM

I am growing more certain day by day that Metallica have no idea what they are talking about.

They say that they do not mind if "fans" trade tapes from their shows (maybe because they sound so shitty live, just a guess, I would not know). Now if one of these fans is a radio DJ and plays the live tapes on air that might be another story; they certainly would want royalities for their copy righted material being played on the radio. What Metallica are really doing is making an exception for live tapes, since tapes were very important to their early success (I read that somewhere). For them to not make an exception for MP3s is arbitrary (and well within their rights to make.) Arbitrary is arbitrary.

If they really want everybody to pay to hear their music, then they need to break in doors and catch friends playing Metallica CDs for their friends. And if some guy is cruising the mall parking lot blairing out Metallica, they need to get all of those innocent bystanders to cough up some money for getting an earful.

Back to what Metallica clearly does not understand:

1. MP3s are not near CD quality; they are mostly closer to radio quality. You can increase the density so that the MP3s are CD quality but you also get the MP3s taking up the same disk space as WAVs.

2. MP3s do not play in 99.9% of off the retailer shelf CD players in car stereos, in boom boxes, in stand alone units, ad nauseum. MP3s are mostly for playing on PCs, which most people won't take to the beach, to the pool, in their car, etc.

3. MP3s are a great promotional tool for bands like Metallica which DO NOT get their music played on the radio or MTV. If Metallica is expecting "word of mouth" to get it done for all of their promotional needs, they are in for a big surprise, when 300,000 would be fans take a pass on their next CD and openly bad mouth the band.

4. Most people do not have space on their hard drives to hold every song Metallica has ever released.

5. The 300,000 would be fans were dumb enough to use their real names. The 300,000 dumb fans have not change their online names and will never use Napster again.

6. All of the file names with the letters M-E-T-A-L-L-I-C-A really did have music directly from one of their releases (versus MP3s of their live material that they claim they don't care about). This is certainly something they can not 100% proof.

7. MP3s are not the reason why their last CD release did not meet sales expectations. Of course 300,000 fans could have chipped in to buy one copy of their last CD to play on their 300,000 portable PCs with 50 Gb hard drives and hifi speakers that they take everywhere they go. Yep, the drugs have definitely take their toll.

I would not be surprised to find out that none of the members of Metallica own a PC, surf the net, or have even heard a MP3. Or maybe just like their moms warned them playing alll that loud music has made them go deaf (and dumb).

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