I'm not that old ...
Posted by: Misterpomp ()
Date: January 28, 2001 08:43PM


Misterpomp (the loony previously known as Stephen) here. I'm only 34. Time and geography means I have no first time round recollection of mid-late 70s AOR. I just think that nowadays (and people are entitled to like whatever they want) that AOR has vbecome very simplistic and tightly defined. Big choruses obviously do it for a lot of people - I think we are bludgeoned with them too much. An example for me are Two Fires. How many monstrously catchy anthemic choruses can you take? Obviously for most people - loads. For me - about 1 if I'm lucky. You're right - it's no biggie if we all disagree - and "dated" in the terms of this discussion (at least one of the facets) means that the songs show less determination to get to the chorus and be big and catchy. That's not to say Airborne (eg) has no hooks - try No Execption to the Rule - I just hear more nuances, more subtelty, more cleverness. Before someone else points out the mote in my eye - how do I reconcile this with liking Robby Valentine? .. I don't .. maybe there's something else in his music I like ....

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