Posted by: Jack ()
Date: January 28, 2001 05:24AM

...here's the thing - maybe the two of you are thinking of AOR along different lines. I mean, you seem to be an older fan, Eric, one of those old school AOR fans who was actually old enough in the seventies to know what the hell was going on. At least that's what I can gather from your previous comments and the list, which is mostly bands from the seventies and very early eighties. I'm sure the majority of people would have recommended stuff more along the lines of The Storm, Harem Scarem, et al. Not to make you feel like an old timer, but that sort of AOR is far more popular amongst today's AORsters than the groups you've mentioned in the list below...I've certainly heard some of them, others I've only heard about in passing as old bands.

You remind me a bit of Stephen, who used to post here a while back......he was a nice guy (though Im sure Jimmy Lawrence would disagree with me!) but seemed frustrated with people's tastes, he just didn't get them. He was one of those older guys who mostly enjoyed older AOR from the seventies and very early eighties, and couldn't understand the appeal of an album such as Def Leppard's Hysteria.

On a personal level, I enjoy some of those bands (the ones I know), but am not really too interested in that period. Sorry if that seems sacrilegious to any of you, but that sort of thing sounds a bit dated to my ears in many ways, not just as far as modern-day production goes. I'm sure people who were 17 or so back then have fond memories of old school AOR and have a certain taste for it, an appreciation of what it was like to hear those on the radio, but I don't share that perception. I'm happier popping Mitch Malloy or Jimmy Barnes into the old disc changer.

Yes, you may very well tell me that good music is timeless, which would make the age issue irrelevant, but to my mind, most AORsters today aren't as focused into the really old school stuff. And Im guessing that includes Kaos...it certainly includes me.

Again, I'm not saying the old stuff is no good. Not at all, it's just that the older people seem a lot more excited by it.


PS. I don't know about Heartland, but about Morales....he has had his misses, but to me he typifies much of what is immediate about AOR. Meaning, great vocals, thick soaring melodies, monstrous hooks....he's on the softer side of things, but I've always considered him one of the brighter unknown gems. It may not be terribly deep, but it's certainly catchy as hell.

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