RE: Uh...Tomatoes, just a few observations...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: January 23, 2001 05:04PM

...from an outside observer: I think it\'s probably safe to assume that we\'ve all (including John Kivel) got your message loud \'n clear by now. But the thing is, considering that it\'s John you\'re trying to reach, I\'m not really sure that this is the correct or most logical forum from which to do so. See, I don\'t picture John as hanging out here at this site all day, every day, day after day, waiting for some of your posts to appear so that he can read the latest version. I mean, I could be wrong, but I somehow doubt that he\'s even read them all. If I\'m correct about this, then who does that leave? Who is it that are you affecting/reaching? Well, it would seem that it\'s the rest of us who visit here that you\'re affecting/reaching. It\'s the regular visitors who are being forced to either read your posts or sift through them. At this point, I have no idea whether or not that matters to you. I mean, I know that you have a beef with John, but I don\'t know how you feel about all of the other people who visit this board every day. If you don\'t care about the fact that you\'re inconveniencing the board\'s regular visitors, then I guess that\'s your perogative. It would be nice if you did, but that\'s clearly up to you. You can stick around and post your message every day. I doubt that Andrew will stop you (not for a while, anyways). But in the end, I guess you could look at it this way - your posts are having the opposite effect than that which you\'ve been striving for. Rather than hurting John\'s business, you\'ve caused the board gang to rally around him and support him more than ever. (You must have noticed that, haven\'t you?!) I know that I visited his site for the first time in weeks just a few minutes ago. H*ll, to be perfectly honest with you, I\'m even tentatively putting together an order for a number of his releases. John\'s never been anything but friendly and professional towards me. I figure at this rate, and considering the fact that his roster seems to be steadily improving, that even though he\'s the new kid on the block, John\'s business will grow to be just as well-established and well-respected as N&T, MTM, Z, etc. in no time.

Like I said back at the start, I just wanted to share a few thoughts...

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