All the gory details....
Posted by: Andrew ()
Date: January 20, 2001 05:12PM

OK Mrpool and Capt. Caos...and any one else who cares...

Here's a few thoughts and answers to your questions.

Mrpool wrote:
I haven't been posting here a real long time......but I've been curious about who the webmaster of this site is, & would like to know more about him. I think I know his name is Andrew, & is from Australia, thats about all I know. He must have some serious contacts to get all this information about the bands.

Well that's me...
I am from Australia and thanks to phone lines and modems still am.
Born and raised in Hobart, Tasmania...that's where I still live, but have in my years been lucky enough to see a lot of the world.
In 1992/3 I lived in LA for 4 months, Toronto 9 months and Brighton, England for 3 months.
In ohter travels I have seen most of the UK & Australia, parts of The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Greece, France, Italy, New Zealand, Indonesia and lots of the USA.
I have been pretty lucky there and still hope to see much more of the world when possible.

I have worked for a few record stores and now work for a Video chain here in Tassie, as a buyer. Good fun job most of the time.

But music is what has always done it for me and that's why I started this site.
I wanted to be able to share my passion for the greatest music on the planet with as many people as possible. Thank God for the Internet.
The site started small and has kind of gotten out of control, but I love it and hope to keep it going as long as I am on this planet.
Basically I am obsessed with it all..haha

First favorite bands included Rick Springfield, John Waite, Inxs, Paul Young, Men At has grown quite a lot from the early days :)

The contacts I started out with were few, but good ones :) and they spoke to whoever they knew and put me in touch with them and it has just grown from there.
The main rule - never throw out a phone number!! And rely on phones, not e-mail.
There is no substitute for personal contact - if you can get your foot in the door!

>I think this website is awesome, & its real great what he's doing here. This style >of music is real important to alot of people.

Thanks mate.
It's important to me too.

Too add to the above - some Q's from Capt. Kaos...

1. Were you a journalist before you started this website?

Small time...wrote for a few UK magazines - mainly Frontiers - enjoyed the experience, but wasn't gaining anything from it, in fact it was costing me money to write for them! So I looked for a way to go solo. Again - Amen to the Internet.
And BTW - There's a few bands out there that would possibly still question whether I am now a Journalist!! A couple have not liked the negative reviews :)

2. Can you tell when someone is posting under different aliases on the board?

Most of the time, but if they swap computers (work and home maybe) then it gets harder. But any post is traceable...

3. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

:) I will leave that one :)

4. Is there any material from any band that you are still in search of?

Always!!! If I had everything, it would get boring!!!
I am always looking to fill in the gaps of my collection and pick up demo's and live recordings where possible of my favorites.
I would LOVE a Night Ranger show from the Big Life tour....a Magnum soundboard bootleg from their 1992 show....a Van Halen Canada Day 1993 bootleg (2 show's I saw and 1 I wish I had of...)
I would also love to get hold of some of the stuff left behind in label vaults over the years and some of those unreleased 2nd CDs etc like that King Of The Hill one.
I could go on all night about stuff I would love to get :)

5. Of all the rock stars you have dealt with, which ones are the coolest and which ones are hard to get info out of?

Well, Steve Perry has refused an interview for 4 years now, so he rates highly.
Can't catch a break with Sammy Hagar either :)
Best include Rick Springfield, Jack Blades and all the guys in Night Ranger, Jim Peterik, Jimi Jamison, John Waite, Glen Burtnik....
Hardest to get straight with - Frankie Sullivan, Curt Cuomo, J*** *****'s manager, Rick Springfield's manager and assistant - hung up on his maganer the asshole - (thank God I can go directly to Rick these days)....currently getting no satisfaction from dealing with Tiffany's label and Richard Marx's comes and goes, but the good guys remain the same!
I better not dish the real dirt - another rule...don't burn any bridges unless you know for SURE they won't be needed again in the future.

6. Does your wife get mad about all of the time you put into this website?

Yes :) LOL!!! Actually, she is very understanding and very patient, but sometimes I get a little obsessed with an update and can't tear my self away from the PC.
In fact, she is still my fiancee, but in January next year we will be getting married and if ANYONE out there can make it to Tasmania, you are all invited!!!

7. Have you ever met "Steve the Crocadile Hunter?"

No, and I am not likely to!! haha.
He's one of those things like Fosters Beer. No one here cares, so we export it to those who do!

8. If CanMan came back the board, would he be readily excepted?

Everyone is!

9. How come Jack doesn't post as much as he used to?

He's a nice lad is Jack! He's probably laughing to hard at some of the posts!

10. Are you ever going to bring back the old board that the Van Halen Boys ruined? That board survived so long, it seems a shame not to have a reunion tour at some point.

Unfortunately that was completely trashed and the CGI is so dodgey that my ISP refused to allow it back on their system!! haha.
Too bad, that one was fun, but I prefer the new one :)

Hope this helps you and anyone else out a little.

Basically I love the music and always will and to be able to do this and meet and talk/type at all the artists I have loved over the years and new ones I am just being introduced to is sensational and a tru honor.

The BEST thing however, is the ffedback I get from you guys in my e-mail.
It never ceases to amaze me how many people I have struck a chord with - who love the same style of music I do and it's a great honor and a real buzz to hear that these same people and discovering new music because of this site.

That's exactly what I am doing. Discovering and re-living great music and simply talking about it int he hope others can find it too.

Anyway, enough from me...I am getting a little too reflective...must be the birthday coming on..haha.

Hope I filled in a few information holes for you.

Best regards,

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