Mr Pomp Dont be so blind
Posted by: Kelly ()
Date: January 19, 2001 08:40AM

It is obvious that trading cdrs is in violation of copyright laws, however is burning cds really a bad thing? lets look at more comparisons to other issues since you have brought up the great world of candy bars.

Like what was said by Coco i believe , with regards to oil companies. They have the permisions and licenses to drill for oil on land and sea. however because greenpeace do everything they can to stop them even "illegal" means, do you think greenpeace should be stopped and let everyone eat contaminated fish? just because the oil company has a right to be there?

See the fact is you need checks and even some so called illegal checks to me if the record labels can do what they please, soon we will be paying 50 bucks for a disc with shitty music on it lets be honest it costs 50 cents to make a cd and the charge 12-20 bucks depending where you buy them from. But now with all these crazy burners running around, Labels are gonna have to give more samples on their webpages or instores or wherever and do more to let people hear most or all of the music before they buy it. THIS IS A GOOD THING!! it seems to me you want people to pay there hard earned money for a product that might be good or might not be cant return it except for the same product, so what good is that? seems to me you work for the machine or something to defend this position.

Anyways just because something is legal doesnt always make it right. Lets kill that black lady that just wanted to sit at the front of the bus or those black students that wanted the same education as whites. You see u need to have the system challenged or it will always be the consumer that is screwed. not mr geffen. People trading harmless cdrs is alot less harmful than the retailers selling dups of originals all dressed up and calling them reissues they are screwing everyone!!!

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