I stole a Mars Bar today!
Posted by: Mister Pomp ()
Date: January 18, 2001 06:08PM

I don't feel guilty about it. My various justifications are:

I have previously bought chocolate bars and found I only liked the filling, therefore feel persecuted if anyone asks me to buy a whole bar.

I am not selling the Mars Bar, only trading it with a friend who stole a Snickers Bar.

I have it on good authority that no royalties are payable to the cows from these Mars Bars and am therefore withholding all payment.

I believe that I am helping the Mars corporation because by my stealing Mars Bars more people will know about them and will buy their range of associated leisure wear and/or go on factory tours.

Because Mars have never taken their product on a roadshow, I feel aggrieved.

I understand that some cacao producers support this theft, therefore I have taken it on myself to assume that all producers and distributors of confectionary feel the same way.

I am standing up against "the man" because I don't like chocolate companies' business methods in dealing with cows.

I think that Mars Bars these days aren't very good and are badly produced therefore I am doing Mars a favour by sending them a message that their product is no good. In particular, I don't think Mars Bars are up to the standard of the debut Snickers Bar and the second production run of Milky Ways.

I don't have enough money to buy all the Mars Bars I want.

I once worked in a corner shop and feel that I am owed free confectionary for life from Mars.

I believe a super sized Mars Bar may be released soon and therefore I am justified in stealing that which is currently on offer.


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