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Posted by: CDNW ()
Date: January 18, 2001 09:29PM

Well, one thing over the years of dealing with AOR Heaven is that
they are an upstanding, fair priced mail order shop, as opposed to others
in particular in the USA. I do have one complaint with AOR heaven and
that is a Jamilya disc I bought did seem to have a pretty cheap ass
insert cover. It seemed like a color scan onto a regular sheet of paper.
I don't have the CD in front of me, but when I think of it, it seemed pretty weird
although if you have purchased cd's in the AOR world for any amount of time,
nothing should suprise you.
It was strange to have that kind of insert on a "legitamate cd", unless the band was so hard up for cash that they had to put their cd out with scanned images
onto a regular sheet of paper. Can you answer that one Georg?

Dream Disc on the other hand are oppotunistic scumsucking shit bags. They have no qualms about selling bootlegs for years like shit from "Reborn Classics" and others that they like to call "unofficial reissues" That's illegal, straight and simple,
and they are reducing the demand out there for a legit reissue, in the possible
I can't belive they continue to sell bootlegs on the internet. A postmaster
general would have a field day with them, and so would a copyright attorney.
Just call the shit you sell a bootlegged inferior copy especially when you sell it for 25 bucks, as they have! Needless
to say, I got burned by Dream Disc by buying several "Reborn Classics" that
were inferior in sound and appearance. It really sucks when guys who are
supposed to be in it for the love of music burn you just like a common scalper would.
In addition to that, anytime they have anything remotely rare, they'll
jack up the price to what I consider beyond reasonable values.
OTOH, I've seen some pretty rare things online for REASONABLE prices
from other shops, proving that not all people are pimping shit out for their
sole benefit.
DD's prices were ridiculously overpriced before, and now they can't
maintain their inflated prices with all the shops going online across the globe.
There are alot of great onliner's out there who won't burn you and give a fair
price for CD's like AOR Heaven, Schermankerl but then again, there's others who
are a bunch of money hungry unscrupulous twats.

So you see, Georg has done the right thing and is upfront about it. He pursued
an attempt to reissue a TREAT album, and was unsuccesful. He did
not pimp out some illegal bootlegs to the loyal AOR fans out there!

Cheers to Georg!

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