RE: Thanks DON , there/s always a helping hand ...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: January 16, 2001 10:10AM

Melodic Lover ( SPAIN) wrote:
"Hi DON , how are you , mate !!! ."

...I'm very well, thanks. Hope your are too.

"There/s always a helping hand in your heart , you/re always sharing the musical drops that are falling from your heart and soul , taking your precious time to write memorable thoughts , which are much appreciated at least to me !! ."

"The truth is that it/s been a major pleasure to meet people like you and Tony ( koogs ) , and I/m sure that we are gonna get along wonderfully , Tony is like me , we/ve got a lot of things in common and share thoughts and musical tastes , like you !! ."

...Well, thanks very much for the kind words, but I've gotta tell you,in the time that I've been here, I have been helped a lot more than I've been able to help others. The collective knowledge of music at this site staggers the imagination.

"Hey Don , did you know that two of ANGELICA/s albums have been re-issued in a 2 on 1 format , the same goes for SHOUT , I/ve seen them in the catalogues over here !! ."

...Actually, I didn't realize that. But if that's the case and you can get them, I'd say that they're definitely worthwhile. I'd say that you can't go wrong with either Angelica's "Walkin' in Faith" or Shout's "It Won't Be Long." So, if you get a 2nd album along with either of those, then that's a huge bonus.

"Don I don/t know if you/ve ever heard of a guy called DON PALMER , he/s from UK , this guy is a crack when it comes to
christian stuff , I/ve found his web site a cuple of weeks ago and
I/ve got to tell you that is gonna be heaven on earth for you , as I/ve noticed that you/re pretty much seduced by this genre , more
than a pleasant surprise was for me to find it , that bloke got it all , or can get it for you , he/s even recorded 4 CD-tasters
, which he/s selling for 5 pounds each one , so we may know
what the albums are all about , I/ve heard that the cds are worth rabbing our pockets , I/m actually considering to give them a go ,
I/m sure you will too , so Don tell me if you haven/t ever heard
of him and I/ll let you know where you can find his site !! ."

...Well, I've definitely never heard of him, but I'd love to be able to visit his site and/or get in touch with him. As I mentioned in my other post, much of the Christian music that I like best has long been out of print. When it comes to stuff like that, I have no problem at all with CD-Rs. There are still some gaps in this part of my CD collection that I would love to be able to fill (especially Barren Cross' 1st album, which I have on LP, and Crystavox's 2nd album, "The Bottom Line."). There are also some other albums which have been mentioned in this thread that I'd love to check out. I can't (and I won't) pay through the nose for them. Having read the exchange between Coco and Koogles above this thread, I must say that I find myself falling somewhere between the two sides. I think it's best to buy the original CD whenever possible so as to support the genre and keep it alive. And yet, for OOP and rare stuff, I don't think anyone should be expected to pay ridiculous prices. It's a scam and it's a sh*tty way for fans of the genre (most of whom have shelled out a lot of money in support of the genre). Besides, labels and artists aren't receiving any royalties from used CDs anyways. The bottom line, anywaysl, Melodic Lover, is that I would love to get "hooked up" with this site. Thanks for the offer to do so.

"Hey Don , how about making yourself a favor , getting a cd-burner sooner than later , I/ve recently bought one myself and I/m
gonna get into the trading stuff like a mad dog , so I just hope that you also do the same and that we have the chance of doing
some business together , how about that Don !! ."

...Well, when I can afford to get one, I will. At the same time, however, I am still wrestling with the whole moral and ethical issue of how best to use them. Eventually, though, I will have one. It's just a matter of time.


...Again, thanks for the kind words. I, in turn, appreciate all of you visitors who start the threads. As you will have noticed, it's rare for me to come up with a topic with which to start a thread. And some of you are so gifted at it. I'm just a "tagalong" in this sense. Anyways, cheers, and I hope that the list I posted was of some use to you. I tried to give you a rough idea of what each artist was like sound-wise, so that you'd have some basis for comparison and therefore be able to get an idea of whether or not each artist's sound would be to your liking. I hope I did okay. Take care and cheers.

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