RE: The real problem
Posted by: Bighair ()
Date: May 13, 2000 04:55AM

This is actually a followup I did on an earlier post, but because it is in the older messages now where nobody is likely to read it, but it applies to this thread.

Earlier comments were made about just how convenient mp3's were.

Some DVD players can now play mp3 disks which can contain upwards of 120 tracks to a disk. The quality is cd quality if the recording is done right. I was at a party a couple of weeks ago where we listened to a single mp3 disk in the dvd player the whole night.

As well, Canada happens to be light years ahead in terms of internet access speeds. Cable modem access is common with speeds up to 100* that of your standard dial up modem. Even ADSL is coming down in price to affordable annual costs.

Technology is not the barrier here but the culprit. And for those of you who do have portable mp3 players, they plug into any standard stereo, boom box etc. Besides, tons of people do have their computer plugged into their stereo.

What we are facing here is comparable to travel. In the old days you couldn't just pop over to Europe or Asia overnight, hang out for a weekend and then come home. Well nowadays you can. The same with digital media. You can email hundreds if not thousands of people, each forwarding on to others yeilding massive global coverage in a few short hours. The l Love You virus is a prime example to the time of propogation.

And as far as burning CD's, how many cd writers do you think are out there? Definitely enough to impact the market. If you want to bust people, bust those selling home burnt cd's on ebay and other places.

Again this comes down to as much an ethical issue as it does technological. You either support it or you don't. If you don't agree with it, just don't do it. Any of these so called law suits that start to infringe on regulating the internet takes us one step closer to big brother whatching everything we do 24hours a day.

I just hope I'm not around before that becomes reality.

At this point I can't say I'm in favour of Metallica, because the issue here is really the impact to record companies and the artists' dependencies on them. Times are changing.

Consider how much good music people never hear because of Record Companies. We get a fraction of what we would like to hear on the radio because of some shmoe's deal to make somebody a star. The internet is opening doors to artists that never existed before. Unfortunately we can't seem to find a way to keep up with the changes in technology.

For you guys trying to start your own business, I feel sorry, but if the rules change, you have to change along with them. What about the guys that were going to create databases of out of print stuff so that you could request a cd printed on the spot with what you want? We shouldn't lose this ability.

The issue with this approach is how do you get the royalties back to the artists? Technology has created the problem so we need a technological solution to resolve the problem.

Although I hate the concept of regulation, I think it has to happen. We should introduce the idea of encryption into full mp3's and then license the decryption software. Then bust those that make the software available illegally. That way vendors and artists can be licensed to make their work available. Sample mp3's could exist without encryption, but how you regulate them being less than full versions I don't know.

It's not a simple issue, but at least if artists and vendors had control over what they released then we could ensure that the artists aren't getting ripped off. Sounds like you need some regulatory body in the music industry to ensure that royalties are being paid based on the licenses.

That would mean that whoever obtains the decryption software would have to submit data back to the regulatory body to manage things. Although as soon as you go down this road, someone will come up with some new variation of encoding and the cycle starts all over again.

I don't have the answers, I'm just posing thoughts to contemplate.

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