RE: Some more thoughts on the topic...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: January 09, 2001 10:34AM

"...but the fact remains that the Backstreet Boys do not
write their music or play any instruments. Call them "rock" if you want, but just don't call them a BAND! I'm sorry but if you spend
more time perfecting your synchronized dance moves and trying on lame superhero costumes than working in the studio, you are
NOT a musician."

...Not that this discussion matters a whole lot to me (I think I tend to have a somewhat different perspective than a lot of the other regulars on this board. Not better or worse, just different.), but for argument's sake let's look at it this way: Apparently, (according to Markus' post) the guys ARE involved in the writing of some of their own material. And even if they aren't, the're not the only ones. It's also been pointed out (by SFK Kurt) that some of the '80s acts were also highly dependent on outside writers. Also, what about all of the country acts who DO play the music, but get outside writers to actually pen the tunes? Do they qualify as "true" musicians? Finally, can the fact that they don't play instruments on the albums or during concerts be a valid argument for claiming that they aren't musicians? What about the vocalists in a lot of MHR bands? Try, on a board like this one, to claim that guys like Steve Perry or David Coverdale are not "real" musicians because they "just" sing, rather than playing an instrument, and you're likely to have your house fire-bombed, LOL! It's all a matter of semantics, I guess, but in the end I have no problem with the idea of calling BSB a "band." What would we call it if we got our five fave MHR vocalists to make an album together and hired studio musicians to play the instruments for the tracks? Some might call it a band, especially if they gave themselves a name and then went out on tour. I dunno...

"All of that teen crap is a fully manufactured consumer product aimed at America's lowest common denominator. As a wise man
once said: "You will never go poor under-estimating the intelligence of the American public." Cash in now Boys, 'cuz your careers
will be over faster than you can say 'Hanson.' "

...Again, I dunno. I sort of agree with you, but not entirely. I mean, no one is gonna deny that BSB weren't carefully manufactured/created/contrived. But, when all is said and done, they're just another pop act IMO. They're no different to me than the myriad of pop artists that have existed since before the Beatles reigned supreme. If you're suggesting that pop music and pop artists in general are aimed at the "lowest common denominator," then I guess I sort of buy that theory. Pop music is sorta meant to be non-offensive music that can safely be spewed over the airwaves so that gazillions of housewives, mechanics, store clerks, etc. can have it playing in the background whilst they go about their daily business. But I don't personally believe that, just because the BSBs were carefully selected/assembled and possess tons of sex appeal to young women, they are somehow inferior as pop artists. It is, in fact, my personal opinion that BSB are actually somewhat superior to a lot of the other pop artists out there right now. Love or hate their albums, there's no denying that those five guys can SING! That doesn't mean that I expect they'll have a long-lasting career, though. The music business is too fickle for that. They will, I'm sure, wind up going the way of The New Kids On The Block eventually. But in the mean time, as far as that non-offensive ear candy of the airwaves we call pop music is concerned, they're on of the sweeter products around, as far as these ears are concerned. I'd take BSBs anyday over Eminem, Siscqo, Madonna (the new stuff), Jiramoquoi (or whatever the h*ll his name is), Fatboy Slim, or any of the other reams of pop artists which make me crazy. Know what I mean? Just my 2 cents.

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