I'm always on the side of "truth and justice&
Posted by: Captain Chaos ()
Date: January 05, 2001 05:12AM

Chaos, this is what I see as the problem. Too many people are afraid to give a CD a bad review. As a result, no one knows what's good and what's not.

What's good and what's not is not something you can be told. It's something you have to decide for yourself. Maybe you need someone to make your decisions for you as to what is good music, but I am a grown man and I have my own tastes in music. I am capable of listening to something and deciding if I like it. I don't need a critic or a review to tell me what is good.

Sure, there are always those people who will try to delude themselves into liking something. I tried doing that with Jimi Jamison's "When Love Comes Down"!! Point of the matter is, if an album sucks, I want someone like me to tell me it sucks. I don't want to waste my time and money. Maybe you have more disposal income than me and more free time to waste...

There are even people in this world who liked "Good Trouble" by Reo Speedwagon. Kevin Cronin himself said they tried to hurry that album to fast to capitalize on "Hi Infidelity" and it stunk. Well, I disagree with him, I liked at least 5 songs on "Good Trouble". Stillness Of The Night, The Key, and Keep The Fire Burnin" were especially good songs in my opinion.

My point is, I don't even need the artist themselves to tell me if it's good. I decide that based on my musical tastes.

As for Shadow King, I had never cared one way or the other about anything Vivian Campbell had done before that. I liked every song on that Shadow King cd. I thought they were all catchy. I liked the keyboards. Lou's voice was impeccable.

"Anytime, Anywhere" was an in your face rocker. I think maybe sometimes people don't give certain groups a chance because of who they are. If you don't like Shadow King that's great Koogles, but I do! It's not a delusion, it's not because megastar Bruce Turgeon was in the band, it's because I truly love those songs. My favorite one is "Russia". Personally, I don't see how AOR lovers can't like that song. That guitar riff is very cool and Lou sings it beautifully. That's just my opinion of course, I love Shadow King. If you don't, that's fine but please don't tell me I have to not like them because the "critics" say it's bad, or because it's a "supergroup" or because 4 out of 5 dentists don't reccomend it. I don't need them or you to tell me whether it's good or not. I enjoy the hell out of that cd and that's all i need to know.

Dunt Dunt Duuuuuuuu

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