Bon Jovi "Slippery When Wet" ... slight continuation. ;-)
Posted by: Geir ()
Date: February 06, 2018 03:51AM

I’ve taken the liberty of bumping this up to the top, as the original thread is on the verge of disappearing into the hinterland of the front page.

Anyway, it seems that I’ve unwittingly created a mythical CD edition of «Slippery When Wet». Apologies for that - as explained in my initial post, I simply don’t have an original CD to refer back to. Unfortunately, I’m also no longer in touch with the Danish internet friend who burned me the CD-R back in the day, so he’s not easily available for verification, either.

Going on memory, I think my Danish friend said it was a Japanese edition with the (original) wet t-shirt cover art also adapted for some of the editions of the «You Give Love a Bad Name» single. I’m, however, beginning to wonder if I’ve dreamt all that up, as discogs (as you point out) seems to offer no support for any such twelve track edition.

I made an interesting discovery when running a quick comparison between the CD-R and the Mercury 538 025-2 reissue, though: Assuming that the various reissue editions get progressively louder as we approach the current day, the CD-R is actually quieter than the 538 025-2 disc, which discogs lists as a 1998 release. …In other words: Whatever source(s) my Danish friend used for his disc, it predates the Japanese double 1998 CD edition. If we then assume that I’m wrong about the existence of one disc collecting the twelve tracks fully finished and mixed during the «SWW» sessions, I would then guess that my friend may have used the original 1986 CD edition as a basis, supplementing «Borderline» and «Edge of Broken Heart» from CDs singles of the same period. (There is no noticeable volume difference between the bonus tracks and the rest of the album, although tracks on singles would occasionally be mastered louder than their album counterparts to have more punch for radio play.) ...Mystery solved, possibly?

As for «Pink Flamingos», that was simply Dave Bryan’s title for what was originally a separate composition from «Let It Rock». This was mentioned in an interview at the time, always supposing my memory isn’t off on that one, too! ;-)

Kauna, you wonder how I rate «SWW» in the Bon Jovi canon. That was my first BJ album and one that brings a whirlwind of teenage memories and considerable nostalgia to boot. I quickly bought the debut and «7800 Fahrenheit» following that, though, and I'd say I love them on an equal footing, not least because they weren’t hugely overexposed to me later. «SWW», on the other hand, I could hardly listen to for the next decade or so, because it got saturated to death in the year following its original release. I guess I consider the initial trio of BJ albums three different, but all great aspects of a band in their prime. Nothing they’ve released since comes remotely close in my humble opinion, although I do enjoy parts of «New Jersey» and «Keep the Faith».

A cool prologue to the debut album is of course also the later released Power Station demos, which, while sonically slightly substandard, features a few lesser known rough diamonds well worth tracking down. When it comes to current day Bon Jovi, I’ve unfortunately long since given up checking out the new albums as they are released. It's obvious that the band - possibly primarily Jon Bon Jovi as such - are comfortable on a different musical path these days, but the last time I checked, it felt distinctively like someone else’s cup of tea.

PS: Speaking of excellent bonus tracks – am I the only one who’s upset that the excellent «On Broken Wings» wasn’t included when «The Final Countdown» was remastered for an expanded CD edition in 2001?!?? Yes, I do know it’s available on various other Europe CD compilations, but why outlaw it from where it really belongs?

PPS for Kauna – Stage Dolls: Yes, I’ve seen them live …four times in total now, I think, although only once back in the day –in 1990 or 1991, if memory serves. That was an excellent show, featuring the majority of tracks from the self titled album of 1988 and a smattering of the best tracks from the earlier LPs. The last time I saw them, however, opening for Toto (in Trondheim) back on their second touring run with Joseph Williams, was on the other hand less than stellar, although to be fair they were beset with technical glitches for a fair portion of their set. (I get the feeling that they had been added to the line-up at the last minute – it certainly seemed that way.)

As for any new material, the band’s current modus operandi seems to be the occasional new single for streaming and less interest in doing full albums of new music, but there are others here who are much more up to date on that front than me these days – …Lynchomaniac, what do you say? …I can tell you that Torstein Flakne was in the local news recently for helping to initiate the building of a new stage/live venue in his hometown of Melhus (just outside of Trondheim), though. There’s a specialized school for rock musicians there, Troendertun, that he helped start back in the 1980s which continues to thrive to this day, so kudos to Torstein for staying an inspirational figure on the scene!

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