RE: I couldn't agree more, Kieran...
Posted by: Dave Tedder ()
Date: December 31, 2000 05:18AM

>> Outside of the Gods, there's Ultrasound...the only United States based Festival for AOR/MR bands...last year the attendance was not what it should have been with all the bitching about not being able to see quality music. Do you know that of all the "posting board lists" which account for a few hundred people, only 6 showed up last year?? 6?!?!?!?! that's pitiful for all the complaining i see. This year, the fest has grown to include some big name supporters and panels, and some bigger name acts, but from what i've heard from the organizers, AOR/MR bands have all but ignored the fest...hardly any have submitted to perform, and those who did won't come unless all expenses are paid for....what kind of joke is this?? I played last year and paid my own way and it was worth 10 times what i paid for the exposure aspect alone. But bands who have an album out are thinking that they are superstars instead of putting things into perspective and getting some great press and exposure for themselves and the genre. It'll wind up a Heavy Metal fest and that doesn't help AOR at all. They bitch about lack of support, but don't want to do anything to support it themselves. NO this is not aimed at every band and artist because i know that a lot work their asses off for their career, but there are plenty who just expect things and won't give back when it's there for the taking...wake's not the bands or the fans who will keep our music alive, it's all of us together. <<

Wow, John, thanks! It definitely had to be said and you did ... 'Tis true though - we've gotten THREE melodic rock submissions and one of those acts - new (ish) Frontiers signing Talon - has been accepted to play already. I look at the stack of submissions and I see 99% prog and power metal submissions - bands that would do ANYTHING to play the show because they believe in what it's all about. I took it upon myself to add a large number of the more talked about melodic bands to our mailing list but do I get any inquiries about the show from them??? For the most part absolutely not, although the guys in House Of Shakira did eMail me saying that it was a wonderful idea and if they were able to do it they would to play if we would have them (I'd LOVE them to play ...) Unfortunately, they're in Sweden and that's gonna be REALLY costly for them so it's very unlikely to happen, unfortunately. Most of the US based bands eMailed me to say "Please take me off this list", which is fine if that's what they want. Meanwhile, I have Destiny's End, Liege Lord, Abbatoir, Eidelon, etc, all eMailing and calling me asking what they needed to do to be considered for the show. I have individual members of power metal bands telling me that their entire bands won't be able to make it out so they're gonna be sending their own registrations in so they can support the event.
As John said, we had SIX people show up from the combined AOR lists on eGroups and the like. Power metal fans were there in full force, though. The sad thing this year is I have people from four major labels showing up, some major management people and very likely others in the major label end of the industry, as well. If we had a strong showing from the melodic rock side then maybe they'd see that there is something of a fan base there. If they see a weak showing then they aren't going to bother. This is the ONLY opportunity to put this kind of music in front of a few of the people that can make a little bit of a change in the mainstream music scene. After the first UltraSound I got two calls from an Elektra Records staff member and a VH1 staff member who both showed up "anonymously". They both said the show was a great idea, well organised but sadly attended. What more can be done??? Info is sent to Andrew, he posts it and noone seems to be interested. Same with the other melodic rock oriented sites.
I remember when hard rock bands would drive all the way across the country and pay $5,000 just to be on a Foundations Forum bill so they could promote their new album in front of a crowd that really were there just to drink and party. These days, unfortunately, it seems that a band won't walk down the street to play a gig - much less put a little bit of money up to play for people that would love to see them This doesn't apply to ALL hard rock bands, of course, but it's sad when bands don't show the initiative to even want to take part in something that may put them in front of people who haven't heard them yet and even provoke some new sales for them.
And, it's not just the bands - it seems that AOR / hard rock fans - the ones who seem to be the loudest about "having no chance to see rock bands play" also don't wanna go further than their local clubs to see an entire weekend's worth of bands play - many of whom they will likely NEVER have the chance to see otherwise. On the other hand, the power metal fans will go ANYWHERE to support their bands and "their scene". We had some people fly all the way from Italy and The Netherlands to see Agent Steel and Leatherwolf the first time around.
What can be done to change this outlook on the situation?? A couple of people bitched about "lack of mainstream advertising" the first time around. Well, sorry, I'm not about to spend upwards of $1500 in the LA Weekly to take a 1/3 page out for an event that isn't going to appeal to the mainstream population. That would be flat out stupid. As it was the two ads we took with Metal Edge the first time around netted three phone calls and ONE sold pass for the weekend. With sending the info to Andrew and the other melodic rock based websites we're taking the event DIRECTLY to the people who are into this kind of music ... still SIX people showed up... I realise that most fans of "our music" are no longer in their early 20's, have families, marriages, etc. but what's one weekend out of a year?? We had a couple of people that made it a family event last year. Husband, wife and kids showed up. It's not like we announce it one week and hold it that same weekend - you have half a year to save up and prepare for it. If you set aside just $50 a paycheck for those six months you pretty much have your flight and hotel room paid for. Anything else spent at UltraSound would pretty much be the same as if you went to see Journey or someone play in your hometown (t-shirts, CD's, etc)
I have no problem turning UltraSound into a full on power metal event but I really don't want to ... If that's where the crowd is though, I guess the best business move is to do that in 2002.

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