RE: Well...what do you think? (Everyone + Lurkers!
Posted by: Kieran ()
Date: December 30, 2000 11:09PM

Hi everybody , in reply to Andrew's question .....Should we all just pack it in now and say bugger it?
...I most definatley think NOT!!!.I, like many out there regard Andrew's site as a sort of 'focal point' with regard to news and reviews , and more importantly contact between fans from other countries.I wear my heart on my sleeve , I live , sleep , eat, breathe and dream melodic hard rock and still regard it as a viable genre.Sure we all miss the majors and their huge budgets , but if anybody can remember back to 79/80 .....when metal/rock was underground there was still great music around and the same is still true today..even without the majors input.I honestly think melodic rock will make a comeback , however no matter how much we all want it it will never achieve the heady heights it did in the 80's and early '90's , but that's not to say just because it does not reach this level again we should all p**s off and find some new genre to jump on to. The whole thing about Marv 3 , SR71, Neve etc. etc. bringing it to the masses....well it's not quite right is it.......I mean I can't see any of those bands recording a Mood Swings...can you??I am not for one moment dissing any of the above mentioned bands , I am simply stating that similar to Green Day , Blink 182 etc. matter what their package is....(punk, modern rock,) it's very simply pop....but very good pop dressed up by the record labels and neatly pidgeon holed as the 'next big thing ' certainly isn't melodic hard rock as far as I am concerned.I am somewhat of a purist , I love bands such as Firehouse,House of Lords, FM, Magnum, Journey, Dokken , Poison etc. etc. and this is the reason I come to this site .......Until 1996 when I went on line I can honestly say I was lost......Kerrang became a fashion rag and there was very little news about anything other than the odd mail out from mail order companies...Thanks Andrew for maintaining this site, your hours of hard work every week are certainly not wasted , I like so many othere appreciate your hard work , and having met you in person I know you live for the music also.
The smaller 'specialist' labels, Z, N&T, MTM, Escape, Cleopatra, Kivel, to name a few are bringing OUR type of music(that's why we are all at this site isn't it....the music) to the people and 80% of the time the quality is very good , but yes there are some turkeys released every year.I also hate this " we just found these unreleased demos in the vaults" mentality. A few companies in particular have put out sub standard releases over the past 3 years , if it wasn't good enough for a deal back then , what makes it good for a deal now?? If the bands themselves want to release this stuff , let them but don't release it to the general public as a 'new 'album.On the other hand , how much great music would you have missed out on if the specialist labels weren't bothered....LOADS!!!While on the subject of labels , can somebody tell me just who is bankrolling Spitfire???? It has to be a major , nobody , I mean nobody could be releasing that amount of material , not to mention paying out advances, advertising etc.if they were an independant label.
With reference to
"I do not believe that we are on a backward decline"
I am in total agreement on that one, the melodic hard rock market has grown steadily over the past three years. In every record company splurge you can see the companies reporting increased growth in every market , many indies now getting distribution in the USA for the first time.I'm sure if you asked any of the label bosses , they would tell you they all had a great year in 2000 , increased sales and as important increased interest in their product,not to mention the fact that there are suddenly a huge glut of mhr releases....surely everybody isn't rushing to release new product into a dying market. People like Glenn Huges, Stan Bush , Bill Leverty , Jamie Rowe , Tony Harnell have publically stated in the course of the past 6 months that things in the rock world are picking up and there is renewed interest in their's certainly not dying , is a matter of fact it is healthier now than any time in the past six or seven years.I apologise for the huge post , but one thing I am is passionate about the music I love and I will defend it to the end. To the doom merchants out there , by all means visit this site whenever you wish , enjoy whatever music you find here, but don't try tell us that it's all over , washed up , dying ,or not relevant.....if that's your take on things , that's fine why are you here???? Go listen to a Nirvana album to cheer yourself up..........cheers..........Kieran

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