RE: Well...what do you think? (Everyone + Lurkers!
Posted by: John Taglieri ()
Date: December 30, 2000 12:09PM

Ya know, i don't post very often, but i do read from this board a lot. What kills me is how the AOR/MR fans and bands will bitch and moan about the genre not being strong enough, but not really do much about it as far as support is concerned. A lot of people trade and burn Cd's instead of buying them, and the only show that anyone really talks about all year is the Gods Fest. People will talk about bands being on tour or doing shows, only to "not be able to make it" when the shows become local, thus not supporting the bands who may not be able to get return gigs. Outside of the Gods, there's Ultrasound...the only United States based Festival for AOR/MR bands...last year the attendance was not what it should have been with all the bitching about not being able to see quality music. Do you know that of all the "posting board lists" which account for a few hundred people, only 6 showed up last year?? 6?!?!?!?! that's pitiful for all the complaining i see. This year, the fest has grown to include some big name supporters and panels, and some bigger name acts, but from what i've heard from the organizers, AOR/MR bands have all but ignored the fest...hardly any have submitted to perform, and those who did won't come unless all expenses are paid for....what kind of joke is this?? I played last year and paid my own way and it was worth 10 times what i paid for the exposure aspect alone. But bands who have an album out are thinking that they are superstars instead of putting things into perspective and getting some great press and exposure for themselves and the genre. It'll wind up a Heavy Metal fest and that doesn't help AOR at all. They bitch about lack of support, but don't want to do anything to support it themselves. NO this is not aimed at every band and artist because i know that a lot work their asses off for their career, but there are plenty who just expect things and won't give back when it's there for the taking...wake's not the bands or the fans who will keep our music alive, it's all of us together.
Andrew this site kicks amazing ass! It's the best ot there. Kurt at SFK, Tim at Detritus, Dan at HH and a host of others do so much for the genre too. But everyone has to stop bitching and moaning and get more involved....especially the bands. They have to realize that this is the hardest work they'll ever do, even though it's the most fun they'll ever have. Promotion is the name of the game and sometimes eating a gig at a big name event is better then a full page ad in Rolling Stone Magazine.
C'mon folks...lets make 2001 better then 2000 was and all stop complaining and start doing something about it. Fans...go to every show in your area that you whatever you have to do to get your name out's out there for the taking if people feel like taking it!!!!!!!

Have a great 2001!!! Happy New Year!!

John Taglieri

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