RE: Melodic Rock´s future status??
Posted by: Fred ()
Date: December 29, 2000 06:10PM

Well Gav,

I got into this scene when every male band with long hair was still simply called Hardrock and Heavy Metal and the genre was just as underground as it is now (at least in my part of the woods).
At that time I virtually loved it all, every bit of it. Which was strange back then, 'cause Metal was for real man and Hardrock was for pussies as the metalheads called it.
And guess what? I didn't give a shit back then and listened to Metallica's Kill 'Em All and Raven's Wiped Out next to Bon Jovi's debut and Signal's Vital Signs. So I'm certainly not gonna be one of those guys telling you what is or what isn't MHR or whatever we call it today.
I'm not even gonna discuss quality of bands or songwriting anymore. The only reason I got involved in this is the fact that someone called an 80's band a derivative of 80's bands, which didn't seem right to me. (Oh and stupid me, they were from 88, so they couldn't be called an 80's band... What should I call 'em then? A 90's band? FGS!)

What I want to discuss is the quality of the mixes/productions. I agree with you that there have been productions that weren't top notch over the last few years (compared to what the major labels release).
Personally I'm not a production freak, which may have to do with the fact that back in the late 70's/early 80's the productions weren't too good either (at least those of the independent labels weren't), sort of "I learned to live with it and hear the quality of the music through the production".
But if you compare the production of for instance Damned Nation's Grand Design and that of an album that was looked upon as being very well produced 20 years back - Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell - you'll find that the first one sounds a lot better. (And I love both albums so I'm not trying to slate the Sabs album here...)
Now this may not be the best comparison for you (I don't know what your exact tastes are), but I can make this comparison with a lot of other bands as well. What to think about the first two MSG records? Those sounded shitty, even at that time, but they're regarded as classics by a lot of people. There certainly are a lot of albums released over the last few years that sounded way better than those two.
I could go on an on and on but what I'm trying to say is that what sounds great in your memory might not sound as great in real life.



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