RE: Top 10 debut??
Posted by: Kevin ()
Date: December 26, 2000 03:08PM

koogles wrote:
Top 10?? Kurt- I'll give you 10 free hard rock CDs off my trade list if it debuts in the Top 10! That's a promise!! I know my bet is safe because there's no way that "Arrival" will debut in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200!! The reason why "Trial" made it so high was:

1. It was Journey's first studio album in 10 years. what happened with Styx's Brave New World? That was the first studio album in almost as long, the last full studio cd being Edge of the Century.

2. Sony gave it the full marketing guns. I sense they won't give "Arrival" the same push, seeing as "Trial" didn't rack up the numbers they were expecting.

just as a point of reference.....the reason TBF didn't sell more copies than it did is because--and this was documented at the time--was that Sony dropped all promotion of the album when it became apparent that Steve Perry couldn't/wouldn't tour. The majority of sales of a rock band are due to touring. The fact that the album went platinum on the strength of one single with no tour and very little promotion by the band is surprising itself. If there had been a tour to support TBF, you probably would have been looking at 2-4 million sales depending on success with subsequent singles--which would have made more of a dent in the market than it did.
Is it any wonder that the Greatest hits cd all of a sudden jumped from about 8 million to 10 million copies sold right in the middle of the 1999 summer stadium tour???
At the moment, you have a band that is VERY willing to tour, a Behind the Music special being filmed, a live DVD release to be shot within a week for release and a huge amount of reworking the tracklist of the cd. Sounds like quite a bit of promotion there already. To count John Kalodner as the main man at the label being a strong supporter of the band--and he has been involved so far from the '99 tour just after they were resigned to the Columbia in Dec. 1998 to the recording of the cd--is also stacking odds in the band's favor.

3. "When You Love a Woman"- the single was already on fire when it came time for the CD to hit the streets.

no reason the new songs won't be on fire also by the time Arrival hits stores. It's all a matter of promotion and there is still time.

I still say the CD will debut at a modest no. 87. That's because the Jap release has undercut sales

with the reworking of the cd (new songs!!) for the US market, I don't see that will be nearly as much of a problem as some originally feared.

Steve Perry not being in the band will scare some people away

I doubt that really matters to a lot of people. The Journey/Foreigner tour was one of the top grossing tours of 1999 and a LOT of people saw them with Augeri--and the crowds just love him live.

and radio won't exactly be in the band's corner this time.

They never were to begin with. Radio programmers hated Journey from the beginning, even with Perry. Getting songs on the air is simply getting the label to promote the cd.

I HOPE it lands a "higher place"... don't get me wrong! But recent efforts by Styx and Kansas have had really disappointing debuts... it's just the way the chips fall these days!....

It's totally a matter of promotion and word of mouth from the consumers. I've seen VERY few negative reviews of this cd, which will definitely help the band's chances once the cd gets released. I haven't heard that much about the Kansas cd, but opinions over the Styx BNW cd were sharply divided to say the least. "One of their all time best" wasn't a comment I heard much on the Styx cd. On the other hand though, I've seen Arrival ranked in the top 5 Journey cds by quite a few people.

Time will tell who is right here, but top 10 wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the cd gets some promotion.


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