RE: rick springfield!!!!!
Posted by: John Q ()
Date: December 16, 2000 07:15AM

Rick did not beat his wife. After the truth came out about that incident the media did not jump on the story to clear Rick like they jumped on it to slander him. Rick never hit her, it was pushing from what I hear and they were both involved.

I think you're being very naive here. If you knew anything about how the LAPD - or Malibu PD for that matter - works, you wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this incident. There are women in L.A. with restraining orders against violent ex-husbands and boyfriends who can't get the cops to come out to their house unless they're literally being beaten to death while on the phone calling 911. Yet somehow you want people to believe that NOTHING happened in Rick's case and it was all just a big misunderstanding? If it was as harmless as you make it out to be - why then did the family member that called police make that call in the first place? There is one rational explaination - that familiy member was most likely very aware of the 'tension' in that household and called 911 because he/she had reason to be very concerned and reason to believe it could get very ugly because it probably wasn't the first time stuff like that went down.

Just because hired spindoctors, i.e. publicists and lawyers, and the abuser/abused themselves come out the next day claiming it was all just 'a big misunderstanding', doesn't mean it is. 1) It wouldn't be very good for Rick's clean cut image if his fans - most of whom are female - thought he was a a wifebeater. 2) Many women put up with abuse from their star spouses/boyfriends because they do not want to lose the lifestyle they're used to. There is major incentive on both sides to pretend that what happened didn't happen. Nicole Simpson comes to mind as does the wife of football great Jim Brown. These women were battered but refused to press charges - or took back their charges/downplayed 911 calls - in order to keep up the fasade. I'm not saying Rick Springfield is a violent man on an OJ scale, but I also don't believe that I was much ado about nothing.

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