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  ANGRY TEARS ROCKS 439 Lenny 06/05/2000 11:37AM
  Better suggestion... 298 Andrew 06/05/2000 07:28PM
  RE: Better suggestion... 323 Jaymz 06/07/2000 12:36AM
  extra tracks in japan 480 Cam 06/05/2000 09:55AM
  RE: extra tracks in japan 291 Susumu 06/05/2000 10:09AM
  RE: extra tracks in japan 304 Susumu 06/05/2000 10:21AM
  Further info... 316 Andrew 06/05/2000 07:24PM
  attn : susumu 5083000.com06/05/2000 07:51AM
  RE: attn : susumu 300 Susumu 06/05/2000 05:22PM
  RE: attn : susumu 3263000.com06/05/2000 08:17PM
  RE: attn : susumu 301 Susumu 06/06/2000 07:56PM
  symphonyx web 472 pepe 06/05/2000 04:59AM
  That's it... 348 Francesco 06/06/2000 03:59AM
  What is everyone listening to? 553 Chris Pope 06/05/2000 03:25AM
  RE: What is everyone listening to? 406 Rogue 06/05/2000 04:24AM
  RE: What is everyone listening to? 462 Susumu 06/05/2000 10:37AM
  No Escape/M. Reno 423 Rogue 06/05/2000 04:22PM
  RE: Mike Reno/Lover Boy 369 Susumu 06/05/2000 05:12PM
  RE: Mike Reno/Lover Boy 419 Rogue 06/05/2000 05:23PM
  RE: No Escape/M. Reno 359 Susumu 06/05/2000 05:40PM
  RE: What is everyone listening to? 359 wayne 06/05/2000 11:20AM
  A few of mine... 322 Benno 06/06/2000 09:33PM
  Benno!! Mate!! 383 Andrew 06/06/2000 11:54PM
  Dude!!! 348 Benno 06/07/2000 05:54PM
  RE: Thanks everybody. 380 Chris Pope 06/06/2000 11:54PM
  Answers to your questions - The Poor 324 Benno 06/07/2000 05:42PM
  Actually, Benno... 352John Q06/08/2000 05:24AM
  RE: Thanks everybody. 331 wayne 06/08/2000 01:19PM
  The Poor? 443Jack06/07/2000 04:28AM
  RE: The Poor? 417 Benno 06/07/2000 05:45PM
  The Poor..... 384 Jack 06/08/2000 06:01AM
  Oz, the music, the pubs... 342 Benno 06/08/2000 01:21PM
  RE: What is everyone listening to? 377 EchoMan 06/06/2000 11:50PM
  RE: great list echo 349 Chris Pope 06/07/2000 12:11AM
  Agreed 355 Benno 06/07/2000 05:49PM
  RE: The Balance of Power disc... 368 Chris Pope 06/08/2000 06:53AM
  New Singer for Stuart Smith 528 Rogue 06/05/2000 01:55AM
  RE: New Singer for Stuart Smith 304 Dave 06/05/2000 11:10AM
  RE: New Singer for Stuart Smith 317Stuart Smith06/05/2000 01:02PM
  Future Purchase List 461 Susumu 06/05/2000 12:59AM
  RE: Future Purchase List 302 Dave 06/05/2000 11:30AM
  RE: Future Purchase List 359 Susumu 06/05/2000 12:48PM
  RE: Future Purchase List 335 Susumu 06/06/2000 08:12PM
  At Vance"No Escape" 464 Susumu 06/05/2000 12:39AM
  Tony Martin...What is he up to? 481 Rob 06/04/2000 11:53PM
  MSG jpn remasters 2000 4913000.com06/04/2000 11:35PM
  Mr. Danzi's opus? 502Jack.06/04/2000 09:32AM
  RE: Mr. Danzi's opus? 328 Rogue 06/04/2000 03:12PM
  RE: Mr. Danzi's opus? 311 Danny Danzi 06/04/2000 05:02PM
  Mr. Danzi's operetta...... 318Jack06/07/2000 03:30AM
  RE: Mr. Danzi's operetta...... 337 Danny Danzi 06/07/2000 06:06PM
  Request for Andrew... 426Jack.06/04/2000 09:21AM
  RE: Request for Andrew... 312joe06/06/2000 01:45AM
  Special editions... 272 Jack 06/07/2000 03:38AM
  $$Funny Money$$ 460 lou l 06/04/2000 05:53AM
  RE: $$Funny Money$$ 309John06/04/2000 11:41PM
  Most of the new stuff is up now, finally. 417 KT 06/04/2000 02:02AM
  Damned Nation Grand Design ! 550 ronny werner 06/04/2000 01:49AM
  RE: Damned Nation Grand Design ! 346 MasMusic 06/04/2000 09:10AM
  Majestic Magazine Web Site Access 448 BIG EMO 06/03/2000 06:05PM
  RE: Majestic Magazine Web Site Access 316JT06/03/2000 10:00PM
  RE: Majestic Magazine Web Site Access 295 John 06/03/2000 11:20PM
  RE: Majestic Magazine Web Site Access 325 BIG EMO 06/04/2000 02:19AM
  RE: Majestic Magazine Web Site Access 302 John 06/04/2000 02:23AM
  My thoughts on Napster... 422Jack.06/03/2000 12:38PM
  RE: My thoughts on Napster... 302 Dave 06/03/2000 05:12PM
  RE: My thoughts on Napster... 307 Alex siedler 06/03/2000 08:04PM
  RE: My thoughts on Napster... 286 Robert 06/04/2000 03:31AM
  RE: My thoughts on Napster... 297Surfpunk06/04/2000 08:18PM
  RE: My thoughts on Napster... 287 Mike 06/04/2000 06:10AM
  RE: My thoughts on Napster... 307 Eric 06/04/2000 08:58PM
  Clever sophistry but ... 295 Copious K9 06/07/2000 04:38AM
  RE: My thoughts on Napster... 248 Danny Danzi 06/07/2000 07:13PM
  More Nap talk!!! 300Jack06/08/2000 02:58AM
  Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 495 Steve 06/03/2000 07:25AM
  RE: Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 297RockDude06/03/2000 07:29AM
  RE: Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 365Ged Rylands06/03/2000 11:41AM
  RE: Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 336 Rogue 06/03/2000 01:47PM
  RE: Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 319Ged Rylands06/03/2000 08:57PM
  RE: Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 373 Steve 06/03/2000 03:18PM
  RE: Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 373 BIG EMO 06/03/2000 06:16PM
  RE: Contagious/Treat 311Preacherman06/04/2000 08:24PM
  RE: Contagious/Treat 349Ged Rylands06/04/2000 09:50PM
  RE: Contagious/Treat 301 Steve 06/05/2000 02:55AM
  RE: Contagious/Treat 355Tony M06/05/2000 06:34AM
  RE: Contagious-Do they have a cd out yet? 360Tony M06/04/2000 09:04PM
  need to find Journey bootleg cd's. 485 brett 06/03/2000 05:44AM
  RE: need to find Journey bootleg cd's. 303 Scott 06/03/2000 11:13AM
  Journey bootleg CD's..Scott need email address!?. 285 brett 06/06/2000 03:06AM
  RE: need to find Journey bootleg cd's. 288 MasMusic 06/04/2000 11:06PM
  Unsung heroes! 531Preacherman06/03/2000 04:24AM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 401 Kaos fan 06/03/2000 05:00PM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 379 Dave 06/03/2000 05:27PM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 393Steve, Denmark06/04/2000 04:39AM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 378 fanof1982 06/08/2000 06:35AM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 363 fanof1982 06/08/2000 06:59AM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 383 fanof1982 06/08/2000 06:55AM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 420John Q06/04/2000 11:07AM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 426Preacherman06/04/2000 07:01PM
  RE: Unsung heroes! 439John Q06/05/2000 02:15PM
  RE: Billy White! 378 Chris Pope 06/05/2000 02:42AM
  RE: Billy White! 458John Q06/05/2000 08:14AM
  billy white better than norum hell 351fanof198206/06/2000 10:22AM
  No, on Earth! 347John Q06/06/2000 11:20AM
  Billy White....(laughing) 349 fanof1982 06/08/2000 06:06AM
  Oh dear! 362Preacherman06/08/2000 06:23AM
  oh dear yourself putz 354 fanof1982 06/08/2000 07:01AM
  RE: hey fan... 338 Chris Pope 06/08/2000 07:08AM
  Ok Mr. Pope 361 fanof1982 06/08/2000 07:24AM
  Wow, so much ignorance in one post 302John Q06/08/2000 09:52AM
  Mr Knowitall needs female companionship 352 fanof1982 06/13/2000 11:06AM
  billy white better than norum hell 456fanof198206/06/2000 10:26AM
  billy white better than norum hell 386 fanof1982 06/06/2000 10:28AM
  RE: sorry fan, John Q is correct 351 Chris Pope 06/06/2000 11:29PM
  RE: Unsung heroes! Mark Allen, Steve Overland 356 Nicky 06/08/2000 02:51AM
  question about 1958 379Ace06/03/2000 03:30AM
  Terry Thomas 552Robert06/03/2000 02:31AM
  RE: Terry Thomas 316Ace06/03/2000 03:34AM
  RE: Terry Thomas 297Jack.06/03/2000 07:34AM
  RE: Terry Thomas 342 Geoff 06/03/2000 10:23AM
  RE: Terry Thomas 327steve06/03/2000 12:52PM
  RE: Terry Thomas 333Marcos06/05/2000 10:38PM
  Lynch Mob - S/T Japanese CD 446 SC 06/03/2000 01:46AM
  NEW WARRANT 2K WEBSITE 429 Dave 06/03/2000 12:05AM
  RE: NEW WARRANT 2K WEBSITE 265 Kaos fan 06/03/2000 04:46PM
  RADAR. AOR HIT OF THE YEAR! 412 John 06/02/2000 11:44PM
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