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  concert dates to go to. 285 jamie beckerman 08/23/2000 12:36PM
  One more Ten thing to ponder..... 398 Popefreak 08/23/2000 10:54AM
  RE: One more Ten thing to ponder..... 246Kris08/23/2000 12:25PM
  RE: One more Ten thing to ponder..... 268 brent 08/23/2000 02:56PM
  RE: One more Ten thing to ponder..... 236 Carl 08/23/2000 04:35PM
  RE: One more Ten thing to ponder..... 233 KAOS FAN 08/23/2000 05:26PM
  RE: One more Ten thing to ponder..... 241 Andrew Paul 08/23/2000 09:43PM
  RE: One more Ten thing to ponder..... 299 Eva 08/23/2000 10:39PM
  RE: One more Ten thing to ponder..... 258 Nicky 08/24/2000 02:06AM
  Heartland sux if they sell less than Ten ... 270 Big Bow Wow 08/24/2000 03:36AM
  RE: Heartland sux if they sell less than Ten ... 263Steve, Denmark08/24/2000 05:08AM
  RE: Heartland rules Steve... 246 KAOS FAN 08/26/2000 12:39PM
  Hola... 258Ratoncito Pérez08/24/2000 03:09AM
  GARY HUGHES / NEIL DIAMOND? 312Mark Ashton08/23/2000 06:58PM
  Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 1,134 Mrpool 08/23/2000 08:35AM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 807 brent 08/23/2000 09:40AM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 753 KISSaholic 08/23/2000 11:21PM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 694 SC 08/24/2000 12:41AM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 593 Dave Ling 08/25/2000 02:31AM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 987 SC 08/23/2000 09:45AM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 651 wayne 08/23/2000 01:10PM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 2,161c dog08/23/2000 01:50PM
  Which begs the question.... 628Jack08/23/2000 03:11PM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 2,419 Aaron 08/23/2000 08:48PM
  Kip Winger 620Peter M. Bietenholz08/23/2000 04:31PM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 624steve08/23/2000 05:12PM
  BIGGEST EGO/BEST MUSICIAN & PERSON 525 Eva 08/23/2000 05:23PM
  RE: BIGGEST EGO/BEST MUSICIAN & PERSON 637Peter M. Bietenholz08/23/2000 09:40PM
  Steve got him pegged 404tONY m08/24/2000 01:12AM
  RE: Steve got him pegged 427Peter M. Bietenholz08/24/2000 03:01AM
  RE: Steve got him pegged 432Tony M08/24/2000 06:42PM
  Re: Rock Dictionary 298Surfpunk08/26/2000 06:30AM
  RE: Steve got him pegged 366 Kieran 08/25/2000 04:09AM
  RE: BIGGEST EGO/BEST MUSICIAN & PERSON 501 Daniel 08/23/2000 09:41PM
  RE: BIGGEST EGO/BEST MUSICIAN & PERSON 394 Tom Krupa 08/23/2000 10:25PM
  RE: BIGGEST EGO/BEST MUSICIAN & PERSON 448 Vince Viani 08/24/2000 02:49AM
  RE: Biggest ego / arrogant jerk in rock..... 504 KISSaholic 08/23/2000 11:39PM
  And the winner (loser) is....... 466 Mrpool 08/24/2000 03:30PM
  RE: And the winner (loser) is....... 496 Maciej 08/24/2000 06:17PM
  RE: And the winner (loser) is....... 468 Vince Viani 08/25/2000 06:13AM
  Stephen Pearcy New Release 278Top Fuel Records08/23/2000 04:36AM
  RE: Stephen Pearcy New Release 205ratt fan08/26/2000 03:43AM
  BEST ROCKING WEBSITES??? 370 Nicky 08/22/2000 07:14PM
  RE: BEST ROCKING WEBSITES??? 231 KAOS FAN 08/23/2000 04:43PM 226 Rogue 08/24/2000 03:08AM
  RE: BEST ROCKING WEBSITES??? 259 sfk kurt 08/24/2000 07:35AM
  RE: BEST ROCKING WEBSITES??? 278 Vince Viani 08/25/2000 06:15AM
  RE: BEST ROCKING WEBSITES??? 283 Tammy 10/11/2000 07:44AM
  Best Female Rocksinger 379 Andre 08/22/2000 01:39PM
  RE: Best Female Rocksinger 205 Rogue 08/22/2000 04:19PM
  RE: Best Female Rocksinger 240Steve, Denmark08/22/2000 07:01PM
  Roth mystery singer 206John Q08/23/2000 11:09AM
  RE: Roth mystery singer 232Steve, Denmark08/24/2000 04:47AM
  RE: Roth mystery singer 301John Q08/24/2000 05:47AM
  Liz Vandall/Fair Warning 296 Nicky 08/24/2000 06:27AM
  RE: Best Female Rocksinger 221 Dave NI 08/22/2000 07:05PM
  RE: Best Female Rocksinger 248 brent 08/22/2000 09:49PM
  RE: Best Female Rocksinger 224 Alan 08/23/2000 10:06AM
  Pamela Moore & Janine Stange 271 Nicky 08/22/2000 07:12PM
  RE: Pamela Moore & Janine Stange 262 Carl 08/23/2000 03:54AM
  RE: 'Baby Jean' 280Sufpunk08/24/2000 04:39AM
  Noticed someone mentioned Doro... 266 Benno 08/23/2000 11:20AM
  Badlands' Greg Chaisson to do 20 Questions 287 SC 08/22/2000 12:15PM
  How about... 223Peter M. Bietenholz08/24/2000 09:18PM
  STREETS 316 RAINEvox 08/22/2000 11:59AM
  RE: STREETS 257 Dokken 08/22/2000 04:50PM
  RE: STREETS 246 Dave NI 08/22/2000 07:02PM
  RE: STREETS 203Rocker Dave08/28/2000 05:48PM
  Mp3 quality?? 300Jack08/22/2000 09:40AM
  RE: Mp3 quality?? 172 Big Bow Wow 08/23/2000 02:01AM
  Thanks...more questions! 255Jack08/23/2000 05:03AM
  RE: Thanks...more questions! 222Joe08/23/2000 03:45PM
  RE: Thanks...more questions! 206 Big Bow Wow 08/24/2000 03:13AM
  MY OPINION... 252 Francesco 08/25/2000 10:18PM
  Most Dissapointing Live Band 369 Carl 08/22/2000 09:05AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 313 Mike 08/22/2000 12:00PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 298 Dave 08/22/2000 01:21PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 230 Kevin 08/22/2000 02:16PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 291 Rocker Chic 08/22/2000 11:34PM
  Here's a thought 262 Kilzer 08/24/2000 05:02PM
  RE: Here's a thought 239 Mark 08/25/2000 03:34PM
  RE: Here's a thought 321 sfk kurt 08/25/2000 09:30PM
  RE: Here's a thought 294 Kilzer 08/26/2000 06:51AM
  RE: Here's a thought 296 sfk kurt 08/26/2000 07:18AM
  RE: Here's a thought 275 Kilzer 08/26/2000 07:59AM
  RE: Here's a thought 278 sfk kurt 08/26/2000 11:27AM
  RE: Here's a thought 243 Kilzer 08/26/2000 01:11PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 265 Mark 08/25/2000 03:30PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 267 SC 08/22/2000 12:21PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 252 Rob 08/22/2000 01:38PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 268 KAOS FAN 08/22/2000 02:02PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 245Gav08/22/2000 04:29PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 224 Sven 08/22/2000 04:46PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 225 sfk kurt 08/22/2000 09:52PM
  RE: Most Disappointing Live Band 732 SC 08/22/2000 10:47PM
  RE: Most Disappointing Live Band 267 KISSaholic 08/24/2000 12:03AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 241 KISSaholic 08/24/2000 12:01AM
  You people are very shallow.... 262 Kilzer 08/24/2000 04:49PM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 234 SC 08/24/2000 07:57PM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 245 sfk kurt 08/25/2000 09:28AM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 267 Kilzer 08/25/2000 11:57AM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 243 SC 08/25/2000 12:39PM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 217 sfk kurt 08/25/2000 09:23PM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 284 SC 08/26/2000 12:44AM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 297 sfk kurt 08/26/2000 04:27AM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 257 Kevin 08/26/2000 11:15AM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 240 sfk kurt 08/26/2000 10:51PM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 235 Kilzer 08/27/2000 01:41AM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 257 Kevin 08/27/2000 05:51AM
  RE: You people are very shallow.... 259 sfk kurt 08/28/2000 04:03AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 255 Tom Krupa 08/22/2000 10:11PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 725 Andrew Paul 08/23/2000 12:43AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Band -- It's a Tie! 250 Rocker Chic 08/23/2000 12:53AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 262 Mrpool 08/23/2000 02:46AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 223Surfpunk08/23/2000 03:54AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 235 Carl 08/23/2000 04:01AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 241Tony M08/23/2000 04:46AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 251 Kieran 08/23/2000 07:35AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 257 mike 08/23/2000 07:45AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 242 Maciej 08/24/2000 06:56AM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 255Peter M. Bietenholz08/24/2000 04:56PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 306 Rob 08/23/2000 01:43PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 262 JoeMo 08/23/2000 10:29PM
  Great White played in live-playback in madrid 422 Pablo - Spain 08/23/2000 02:24PM
  RE: Most Dissapointing Live Band 276 KISSaholic 08/23/2000 11:53PM
  Andrew..New Journey tracks to be added?? 237 Brett 08/22/2000 05:42AM
  RE: Andrew..New Journey tracks to be added?? 194 Andrew 08/22/2000 07:45AM
  back in america, network 316beetle08/22/2000 02:48AM
  network 340beetle08/22/2000 02:48AM
  Goo Goo Dolls 317 Adam 08/21/2000 11:27PM
  RE: Goo Goo Dolls 208 Mike 08/22/2000 12:36AM
  TEN FOREVER 375 Eva 08/21/2000 09:33PM
  RE: TEN FOREVER 213 Carl 08/21/2000 09:57PM
  RE: TEN FOREVER 220 Vince Viani 08/22/2000 08:39AM
  RE: TEN FOREVER 206 jose beaskoa 08/23/2000 11:08AM
  RE: TEN FOREVER 184 Pablo 08/23/2000 02:51PM
  RE: TEN FOREVER 232 Eva 08/23/2000 05:03PM
  RE: TEN FOREVER 197 Pablo 08/24/2000 12:46AM
  RE: TEN FOREVER 176 Eva 08/24/2000 01:14AM
  RE: TEN FOREVER(just behind Heartland) 248 KAOS FAN 08/23/2000 05:14PM
  Lynch Mob news?...Andrew? 296 Danimal 08/21/2000 02:33PM
  Y´know... 246Steve, Denmark08/21/2000 08:56PM
  RE: TEN AND MELODIC ROCK BASHERS! 241Surfpunk08/22/2000 03:34AM
  RE: TEN AND MELODIC ROCK BASHERS! 172 Vince Viani 08/22/2000 08:52AM
  RE: TEN AND MELODIC ROCK BASHERS! 228John Q08/22/2000 09:55AM
  RE: TEN AND MELODIC ROCK BASHERS! 197 Kieran 08/22/2000 10:32AM
  RE: TEN AND MELODIC ROCK BASHERS! 227Gav08/23/2000 03:39AM
  At the end of the day... 229Surfpunk08/23/2000 04:31AM
  RE: TEN,AOR and moving with times!s! 251 KAOS FAN 08/23/2000 05:06PM
  Remember these early 90s acts? 401 Jason 08/21/2000 12:25AM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 262 Rogue 08/21/2000 04:11AM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 258John Q08/21/2000 05:44AM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 275 Rob 08/21/2000 07:33AM
  You are thinking of Slammin' Gladys - Rob! 204Rob #208/21/2000 12:32PM
  No, he is in the credits 217 Rob 08/21/2000 01:39PM
  Oh, yeah! 266 Rob 08/21/2000 01:43PM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 282 Steve 08/21/2000 02:26PM
  Cool details on those rock bands! 263 Derrick Dryves 08/22/2000 02:01AM
  RE: Cool details on those rock bands! 235Travis08/22/2000 02:48AM
  Wildside 267 Kieran 08/22/2000 06:00AM
  RE: Cool details on those rock bands! 208Travis08/22/2000 03:04AM
  RE: Cool details on those rock bands! 246 Jason 08/22/2000 06:31AM
  RE: Cool details on those rock bands! 254 Kieran 08/22/2000 10:35AM
  RE: Cool details on those rock bands! 245 Danimal 08/22/2000 02:43PM
  RE: Cool details on those rock bands! 266 Rob 08/22/2000 01:28PM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 260 Rocker Chic 08/23/2000 12:21AM
  RE: Blonz stuff. 251 Popefreak 08/23/2000 11:19AM
  RE: Blonz stuff. 269c dog08/23/2000 02:03PM
  RE: Blonz stuff. 237 Popefreak 08/24/2000 05:17AM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 263c dog08/23/2000 02:00PM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 292Rocker Dave08/28/2000 07:16PM
  RE: Remember these early 90s acts? 215Rocker Dave08/28/2000 07:19PM
  looking for Skid Row audio from the Kiss tour 306 Alter Of Cain 08/20/2000 03:17PM
  RE: looking for Skid Row audio from the Kiss tour 220 Benno 08/21/2000 06:00PM
  RE: looking for Skid Row audio from the Kiss tour 225 Lynn 10/02/2000 04:42AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 274 Carl 08/20/2000 08:09PM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 256 Alex siedler 08/20/2000 09:23PM
  Goran Edman, DC Cooper, Glenn Hughes, Geoff Tate 226 sabatar 08/21/2000 12:29AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 261 Tom Krupa 08/21/2000 03:37AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 248John Q08/21/2000 05:54AM
  Jeff Scott Soto and Michael Borman 350 Orangehole 08/21/2000 08:31AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 273 Dave 08/21/2000 11:39AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 259 Brian 08/31/2000 06:51AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 273 Danimal 08/21/2000 02:25PM
  Mostly agreed... 256 Benno 08/21/2000 06:04PM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 244 Sven 08/22/2000 12:52AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 180 Cheryl 08/22/2000 02:34AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 238 rtz 08/22/2000 02:25PM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 237 Rocker Chic 08/23/2000 01:30AM
  The screech 215John Q08/23/2000 05:21AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 253Mike Litoris08/23/2000 08:34AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 232Mike Litoris08/23/2000 08:35AM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 197 Rob 08/23/2000 01:54PM
  RE: TOP TEN MELODIC ROCK VOCALISTS 266 Tim 08/23/2000 10:42AM
  SABRE - BIG ROCK 305 Nicky 08/20/2000 04:53AM
  FIREWORKS----USA??-Help 317 lou l 08/20/2000 02:24AM
  Outer Limits - New York 212BLM08/20/2000 03:28AM
  RE: Outer Limits - New York 226 Jim 08/20/2000 09:13AM
  RE: FIREWORKS----USA??Advice 181 Kieran 08/20/2000 11:36AM
  RE: FIREWORKS Whoops!!!!! 217 Kieran 08/20/2000 11:38AM
  RE: FIREWORKS 232 Nicky 08/20/2000 06:10PM
  Ten Babylon 267 Kev 08/19/2000 11:08PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 216 Andrew 08/20/2000 12:02AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 224 Ingo 08/20/2000 05:07AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 226Gav08/20/2000 11:16AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 157 Andrew 08/20/2000 11:31AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 253 Kevin 08/20/2000 02:42PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 183 Kieran 08/20/2000 11:47AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 211blm08/20/2000 07:50PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 194 Kev 08/20/2000 09:57PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 240blm08/20/2000 10:23PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 225 DJ Klaus 08/21/2000 07:18PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 144The Reaper08/20/2000 10:16PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 231blm08/20/2000 10:59PM
  Hey Surfpunk..... 228Mark Ashton08/20/2000 11:05PM
  RE: Hey Surfpunk..... 217Surfpunk08/21/2000 03:57AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 218 Kev 08/20/2000 09:50PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 276Stevo08/21/2000 04:24AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 165blm08/21/2000 04:42AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 256Tony M08/21/2000 07:21AM
  RE: Ten Babylon 208blm08/21/2000 02:57PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 190Gav08/21/2000 04:41PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 254Pete08/21/2000 05:12PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 151blm08/21/2000 06:25PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 226Pete08/21/2000 10:15PM
  RE: Ten Babylon 148blm08/21/2000 08:59PM
  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! 186Surfpunk08/22/2000 03:17AM
  Elyte 327 Tinki Winki 08/19/2000 10:20PM
  RE: Elyte 253 Nicky 08/20/2000 04:39AM
  LA FASE were better. 231Catman08/20/2000 08:19AM
  RE: LA FASE were better what about SEVEN LTD?. 173 Nicky 08/20/2000 08:36AM
  Don't forget RAFA MARTIN... 220Catman08/20/2000 09:32PM
  RE: Don't forget RAFA MARTIN... 255 Nicky 08/20/2000 11:07PM
  Rafa rules!!!! 238Jack08/21/2000 05:06AM
  Hey Jack..... 249 Tinger 08/22/2000 01:46AM
  Latin MTV 246Jack08/22/2000 06:43AM
  More Info... 218 Tinger 08/22/2000 10:46AM
  RE: Rafa rules!!!! 230 vinny 08/22/2000 05:22AM
  Shameless plugging! 181Jack08/22/2000 06:50AM
  don't think so jack 243 Pablo 08/23/2000 02:36PM
  RE: don't think so jack 221 vinny 08/26/2000 07:19AM
  RE: Elyte 249 jose beaskoa 08/21/2000 09:47AM
  Eye Of The Tiger 308 Susumu 08/19/2000 03:56PM
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